This is when you have to wake up

Hello? Somebody there that still thinks freely? Glad that i have your attention. Normally people don’t come here, because its to radical, my writings are not perfect either. Does not make me that human? To make mistakes in a public form like my blog? You have to deal with my mistakes, because perfection is not around here, and why perfect? Look around, look at your country, look further to that. What are your thoughts on this moment you read this? Mah forget social media, forget television, forget everything people has told you. Forget what you have hearing. Seems to be the solution to enter perfection. Technology is just great, it will and do control your lives for ever. And no i am not a god person (let me laugh for a moment) i am not al about doomsday but i am for sure that technology will destroy us. All things we have about electronics are connected to the internet, yaey! Good, its fucking handy! Yes its handy, but your local, our your country in general are using it to do other things. Media (thousands of sources) bringing you the news about ‘the killer virus’ it manipulate several things, to reach to you it focusing on your fear and your responsibility’s you have. Slowly the world gives its responsibility’s in the hands of governments that already has the need to control everything we do. Again take look around, look at your family when you are together, look at you kids, and think again how vulnerable you are when you lose control over your own life and that from your family, is this really what we all want? It might you have a house, a car, a dog maybe, my opinion cats are more my thing. But you are stuck between your responsibility’s and your lovely government that has to need to control, to put fear, to let you behave like they want. Just again hello? You still reading, you might think its bullshit and it might is! I am just asking are you thinking? How are you going to cover your weak spots? How do you think this will all end?

So many questions for you to think about, just don’t forget that you have read this bullshit, because sadly its needed that it has to written. And i do not stop, not so long all corrupt /media/country’s/governments/religions/ has to do. This is when you serious has to wake up! Fight for your right to exist and to protect what is yours.

Included some imperfections…

Child pornography the problem that can not be solved without solutions

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

We all can agree that child pornography are abuse of children that can’t consent. This will be not a discussion to promote anything of this, but i am looking for solutions without making victims. If you have serious problems with this issue then you need somebody to speak to about it, because child pornography will go in to a obsession and when it come to that, its already to late. When you ban something you do not solve anything, it goes underground where more children are being abused, and that i will never accept. People still have feelings, and needs, that’s why prostitution exist for so long. If we want all to stop child pornography then we need to the basic why people want to see this or want to have this. Is it because people are have feelings for it? (without judging here) or for the money making only? If we want to stop abuse then they need a alternative like 3D or Hentai, or cartoons whatever in this categorize. You can not solve anything with ban something and made it illegal, peoples needs/feelings don ‘t disappear with it, if you want to solve something you have to give a alternative. In mine opinion you can reduce victims when you give people a alternative, so long this is not possible children every day will be abused and scared for life.

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

The perfect world

I want a different world where everyone can live without war and other things where you can die from. We can not live for ever so we want it make it good. A world that is not based on money and beauty, but based on persons that all want to live a good life. People has make living difficult, people are making things difficult. The simple things we make difficult. If we can not do things that aren’t moralistic, then might its time to do something that we can still do in a other form. For everything is a solution, for everything there is a way. We have all primal needs, we have it and can not let it go. If you want a bigger television then don’ t watch bigger televisions. Don’t make it difficult for yourself. I want socialism with a mix of a one leader system. Someone that can provide a safe world, a safe place for all children, a place for everyone that feels different, black, white no matter the color. We must stand all for the same, not bound to religion or a system what we have right now.

So i think i can keep dreaming for that.

Society is a open prison

We are living in a society where we are very sensitive for what others saying en what we must do to live or life with happiness and stay healthy. People want to be told a lesson because they do not know the borders of freedom, and freedom is unlimited in the lines of the ‘law’ we don’t want any problems so we kept to the law. So we are all leaded by someone, religion, a leader, or politics in general. It always look like people are programmed to follow and believe things that they think is good enough for their life’s. Its a problem, with so many people, with so many cultures and religions its difficult to find balance in society. So we never are free in total, we are always bound to the rich, governments, laws, religions, society is a open prison and i do not fit in. People with different opinions don’ t get to the highest podium, they are being censored, being cast out by society. Our system is based on making money, living healthy, and be loyal to your leader, religion, politics in general. Our basic is wrong, our freedom is not freedom, its hidden slavery, you must obey, you must follow, and everything you do is all about status, money, and education.

So i am waiting for this new coming ice ages (where humanity can do it different)


World wide we have so many religions that we can not count it anymore. First of all, my view on religion is very radical, because in mine opinion all religions are men made fantasy’s and the most realistic part of religion was to be a sort of law and order. I am targeting everyone that has a religion as, victims of pure indoctrination. But i find it that when you are grown up that you must realize that religion is fiction. ‘not of that can be true’ and it can not be proven, because it don’t exist. There is no discussion about prove, but countless wars, and discrimination, and racism is all part of religion and part culture. Countless wars i already saying it makes me angry, because so many people died in name of religion. The Islam is hot-topic, but its not any different then other religions. Then we have that religion has part in politics in this world. So we mix fiction with reality, and that can not be good. This make me to the conclusion that all grown up people (that has not decided or questioned their beliefs/religion) indirect are responsible for this world right now. So we protest about everything, but the main source of evil still staying intact religion. Atheism is not a religion or a ideology, its more the term to stay close at reality, and i use this term to speak out against religion. What other atheist has done in history is not to blame on every atheist. When you believe or support religion you are in-direct responsible for all people that died and suffer in name of religion. Religion is fake, and atheism means to think in reality, live in reality and be the reality.


All endings have beginnings

Most parts in our life’s has situations that have a start and have a end. Its normal for humans to forget and to complete. But new objectives start with more experience, parts of life will be more complicated. With everything we hear on the radio or television our judgement are based on what they write and what you want to hear. How can we be fair and straight about things we know and be told by sources that only trying to write what you wanna read and wanna hear. We living in a complicated system where the basic line always are the same. Work, eat, sleep. Get a wife, get kids, get a house, and get richer. Our when you a outcast you are not inline with the system, so they have created several things to get and have control. Its to simple when you be aware that everything we do is because they told us to do. Yes we can write, yes we can tell, but we do not change something. Politicians are not the voice for the people, they are only doing things what you have reading and protest against. You are the public opinion, media has created you. Why can you not ask yourself this? Take a closer look on your own life, who is mostly involved on your decisions that you have made? Think think think…

The most important rule= Think for your self always and everywhere!

Control system based on fear

We/You have no choice to living a life in a system that has the intention to control you. Everything that has be decided is based on economic value, when you fail your choices, you are being separated from society.

When you are poor you vote for populist party’s, when you smoke, you got separated and be judged. There are tons of facts and evidence that we living in a society that want control everyone and everything. For starters we have media that write just what you want to believe, its not objective anymore, its judging certain groups in society. The media is here to inform us, not to let us read what we want to read. Its al part of a system that want to classifying everyone in this society, they do not stop, they do not think, they continue separating groups. We can not fix this anymore, because many generations are already indoctrinated and already judging before they think about it. Where do we start to take control over it, new ice age? A world war 3? that kind of things brings back humanity to it basics. We must go to the basics, we can not go further this way, we will and do destroy our self if we keep quite about it. Glad I’m not the only one that sees it.

Dead penalty

Its a hard debate among people, are you for, or against the dead penalty. It exist not for nothing and is meant to punish people that has taken others life’s. In a modern society its inhumane to punish people with the dead penalty, still the fact is that this person has take another life. Basically you have not the right to live anymore. Others says let him rot in jail for the rest of this persons life, but it cost money, it occupy s a place in jail, it makes friends, it laughs and has no regret of his actions that has cost others life. Just want to say if you murder someone you have no right to live your life, not even behind bars, so the dead penalty is the righteous to do so. Only with 100 % evidence not less ‘the system still makes many faults’ but murder is murder you deserve dead. It only counts when you take a life.

Fixing this world is already to late

The climate has already a agenda, it do what it will we only let it process it faster. In this state the world will never survive without massive violence. The need to want everything, the need to be special, to be a dog of the rich people. We let them, the media is there source to spread lies and fund them to speak in there tone. I have not the intention to make the world a better place, it will destroy my life to fight against the elite that you all admire. Media i say it lot that media is a very very dangerous tool to control the mass and separates groups from each other. Populism, media, the rich, religion. This generation and the next generation will not fix it, a new ice age will might fix it and we all start over.

Found a pretty awesome documentary

The system fails

The amount of pressure children must go trough, the obsession of the capitalistic system is absurd and totally not acceptable. It can not stay the way it is now, i do not talk about climate trash talks, but the discrimination that has place in so many society’s. The obsession to live all together on one planet has already fails. There is always war in a place on earth, there is always suffer on many places on earth. We have a moral correctness that do not work with mixed up cultures and traditions. Media the big devil that plays the ball trough all holes to setup people against each other. Children must perform, they are tested at young age to see the possible future, and what is it al about? Money. Slaves? We all already are making the rich rich, making the poor poor. We have the technology to fly rockets to mars/moon but we can not wipe out hunger and violence created by war. If you ask me, religion is the number one cause that create this for centuries. Find a cure for Cancer, find solutions to make the world for children a better place. Help the people that has difficult life’s created by the system. The system separate society’s in two sort of people the rich and the poor. Its time for something else, something that we can al go with. To be fair, its already to late to change the world, its consumed by money, religion, media, just think about it.