The system has you

The system, created by the riches and politics. The system is there to control everything you do and what you think about to do. You have no choice in this world to follow it. Now with Covid i am seeing wide spread of fear and misinformation and censoring on big tech platforms. It is not new for me, i have always know that this world is a control system, and every time it takes step closer to there perfect world where we all are slaves of its capitalistic system. The free thinking and the critical people are being censored or removed in some country’s. Censoring now take place everywhere and media are still continuing spreading fear and distraction. I can do nothing, i am not rich, i have no status, and even presidents can be banned from big tech platforms. So i can only write about it, and look this chaos from a distance. It can be reset trough war or a new ice age. For now we can only watch and see how media en the rich and politics are destroying us. That is the realistic truth.

Please you must rule me!

Yes the elections in the United States are one big theater. I do not believe in a democratic system, its corrupt, and false so its not real democracy. Media and papers are writing tons of articles about this massive ‘show’ and sadly this world depends on who will be chosen. The US is in my opinion one of the worst country’s that exist, and because of it history and his arrogance towards to the rest of the world. Politics are people to let others think they have a choice, and when you give a choice, never got good out of it. The system is not based on democracy but on control and misinformation. The United States has not save us from the Germans, the Russians have saved us. Just one mistakes in history ever to believe that the United States are your saviors.