I fight for a fair world

Translated from dutch:

I have nothing to do with old communism, I see myself as a modern communist who believes the true definition of communism. That the system often goes wrong in countries where communism is in place is not something I support. North Korea is not communism but dictatorship (only the outside world likes to call it communism) I fight for the definition of 'communism' that this does not work in practice does not alter the fact that I may fight for it as a person. Somethings like freedom of the press/media, and some (wrong)things that exist in some countries I turn a blind eye to. Media is also the enemy of the people in my eyes, not making an effort for your country is also a kind of betrayal of your country. I don't want to give the impression here that I support the regimes that do all wrong things in the name of communism. I fight for a fair world, I fight for equality, I fight for the happiness of all of us. Every country is doing wrong things and also in every system, I find capitalism an oppressive system where everyone is a slave to the system.

I fight for an ideal world (utopia) but why not? I would like a system in which we can all mix capitalism, communism and socialism. Being accused of supporting genocide is really too sick (you judge communism like the Americans do, sickening propaganda and a pure smear against China and Russia. I see myself as modern a new generation with old and new ideas of a system. Yes I am fascinated by certain countries (that does not mean) that I also support them in what they do.

The intense pressure on Children

In time of crisis everyone complains about children that has missed so many lessons on school. The future slaves of our capitalistic system yelling that children are behind of school and what it has damaged the children in there growing up. We are living in a very sick system that put so many pressure on children that it makes me more then only angry. Give them space to learn, give them more freedom to learn about them self’s and others. Drilling children to perform will result in angry future adults and will make more mistakes then ever. Capitalism is obsessed with making money and all children must be prepared to do so. We need to get rid of Capitalism or better mixed with socialism and communism, so we have 3 systems in one that made it more humane. Children are victims, all children are victims of growing adults that destroys children’s childhood, the system is there responsible for, you with children are there responsible for. Give children logic reasons to work on them self’s with any pressure of the system.

There are no better humans then humans

As humans we are all equals. Some has the brains and others not. Its not important to perform, to be the best in what you want to do. Its important that you have respect for each other no matter the position others have. Every human is unique with talents and desires. We all have basic feelings that are not different then others feelings. Disrespect and making people weak is a terrible aspect of capitalism. If there is no respect then there is no possible way to connect and see each other as equal. If you are handicapped or have psychically problems then still you are equal to others, there can not be room for i am a better human then you, that is not the way i want to see it, and will never accept this. We living in a terrible system that makes us weak and lazy and dump, still that does not mean i do not respect you, but i am trying to break the ice here. We are all humans that makes mistakes, we are not perfect, we all have kind of problems. There is no definition of normal, or crazy, or stupid. Stop let them telling you that you are weak, or dump or stupid. You are human and in a system like we live in, its difficult to explain it to others. Never let people walk over you, never be afraid to tell your truth.

Think different, think free!

The future

How long can we going further without going to a 3e world war? How long can our system sustain this world. when is it the time to recognize that the world has started in a wrong way? We let religion in, but we do not let get it out. We our not solving world problems, we made it more complex, its to difficult to see the real problems. Children world wide are being abused by their system, or living in war, or living in bad country’s where health care are terrible. Do you never think about the time when you want children? Do you think this is a good time to have children? Its time for a different system, a different media, a different everything.

How are we going to fix this world?

Control system based on fear

We/You have no choice to living a life in a system that has the intention to control you. Everything that has be decided is based on economic value, when you fail your choices, you are being separated from society.

When you are poor you vote for populist party’s, when you smoke, you got separated and be judged. There are tons of facts and evidence that we living in a society that want control everyone and everything. For starters we have media that write just what you want to believe, its not objective anymore, its judging certain groups in society. The media is here to inform us, not to let us read what we want to read. Its al part of a system that want to classifying everyone in this society, they do not stop, they do not think, they continue separating groups. We can not fix this anymore, because many generations are already indoctrinated and already judging before they think about it. Where do we start to take control over it, new ice age? A world war 3? that kind of things brings back humanity to it basics. We must go to the basics, we can not go further this way, we will and do destroy our self if we keep quite about it. Glad I’m not the only one that sees it.

Children are economic objects

If you have read my blog then you will already know how hard and radical i am against a system that preparing children for economic reasons.

young children being tested for economic reason only makes me sick. Children need to learn and to grow up there way, stimulate to economic reasons only, is in my eyes child abuse. In my view, children need to play and explore and to fall to learn. Education yes! Education to a system that fails is so many ways i can not tolerate. Capitalism is a terrible system that people separate between the poor and the rich, and separation between high educated and low educated. This can not be the standard of living, but in reality it is. Its time for a more humane approach. The first thing that must change are free health care, free education, and lot of free things that children need to explore and to educate them self.

The system fails

The amount of pressure children must go trough, the obsession of the capitalistic system is absurd and totally not acceptable. It can not stay the way it is now, i do not talk about climate trash talks, but the discrimination that has place in so many society’s. The obsession to live all together on one planet has already fails. There is always war in a place on earth, there is always suffer on many places on earth. We have a moral correctness that do not work with mixed up cultures and traditions. Media the big devil that plays the ball trough all holes to setup people against each other. Children must perform, they are tested at young age to see the possible future, and what is it al about? Money. Slaves? We all already are making the rich rich, making the poor poor. We have the technology to fly rockets to mars/moon but we can not wipe out hunger and violence created by war. If you ask me, religion is the number one cause that create this for centuries. Find a cure for Cancer, find solutions to make the world for children a better place. Help the people that has difficult life’s created by the system. The system separate society’s in two sort of people the rich and the poor. Its time for something else, something that we can al go with. To be fair, its already to late to change the world, its consumed by money, religion, media, just think about it.