Objective media

If you read here sometimes then you must know how much i hate the media what it is now. In the Netherlands we have in about 2 weeks elections. And it seems media are only here to bashing political party’s. For sure its now new to you, but is this thing a media thing? For me not, media has to be given you news about what happens in the world without to be judgemental or being left or right. This media is dangerous for us all, and specially for children with there judgmental political correctness. We know how terrible this world is, children do not know what are happening right now in this world. The media has the power to control you, and to indoctrinate with ever thing they want. If we want to get our control back then avoid the media in everything, stop listening to a judgmental media that only want to create groups is society’s. The rich and media are almost the same, they focus on what you want to read, they focus on your emotional things, they are far away from be honest. They are the most dangerous of this world, never let them indoctrinate you, think always for yourself look things up before you judge about things you do not know about.

Inauguration day: Biden

Since i can think i have always has hated feelings for the United States. And why? The support of Israel, The arrogance of its politics, its dominance to rule the whole world, its American indoctrination world wide. Elections and voting are a big and massive show. They are war criminals that supporting country’s that are responsible for genocide on their own citizens. And then we have Edward Snowden and Julius Assange, how they are threaten by the US Government. Wikileaks is for the people to give simple citizens information what governments hold secret. United States that playing a big roll to setup the Russian against the rest of the world, because of their communistic obsession. Then the fact Stalin was responsible for the massive attack on Berlin in WOII where more then one million Russians has died in battle. Because of them the US and the Canadian army has set Europe free from German occupation. In other words my heart will always in Russia and thanks to them we are still free. Since then the US are setting us up against the Russians and its communistic ideology. Its not perfect in Russia but in mine eyes the best of all other country’s.

Politic correctness

Its very difficult to describe what is happening at the moment. But that we have a major problem is just a fact. Countries that has multi culture people in it has problems with tradition and history from that country where they are in. My opinion is that media feeds them to destroy a countries cultures and traditions, and politic has no other way then agree with certain groups. Its simple we can not allow that countries are mixed up with different people with different religions and behaving. For example the islam is a terrible part of religion, and my opinion is that religion setup people against each other, so my wish is to forbid religion world wide. Black versus white, the west versus middle east, we can not accept certain behavior and traditions in our countries, it creates hate, racism, violence and a messed up media. Children that are being abused to commit to there religions, its messed up to cut boys there private parts, its sick and it do not belong in a modern civilization. And media is terrible already say here lot about that but think twice when you read media in general, they influence politic, public opinions, and setup groups against each other. Protect your culture and history, protect you country and stand up against media, because we do not hate each other, media want to hate each other.