I do not accept when you pressure me to accept

You may not ask to be accepted, you will be accept when you do normal about it. Its a social media thing asking for acceptation for Trans genders or LHTBI in general. Why do you ask me that, why are you so different then other humans? We all are humans with all different feelings or standard feelings. Some feelings might be wrong and some feelings are a little bit crazy, but that is to be human, you can not ask someone to accept you who you are. I hate it when i see it when it is trendy on Twitter for example. If you continue to see yourself as the weaker people, people will always put you in the corner with the other ‘minorities’ you lower yourself to ask for acceptation. Its the same of the black communities as well, you can not put racist on every white peoples head. As always there is always on source that keep this theme alive MEDIA yep they like to create fights in societies they do look like it if there is a race war going on, they do want you to think there is a massive racist problem, all things you hear are mostly created public opinions by media. Never take anything for true see around, look everywhere and the problem is not that big.

Think for your self.

6: The destruct of media

See Manifest

Well everything has a start, and it always start with media. Media in my point of view exist because they give you some news about work on highways or train stations, or airport. And might they give you the news about weather. Yes they do this, but much more. They creates polarization in society’s, they create good and bad between people, they create hate between country’s and they are a platform for politicians. Media ruled by the rich, has all intention to setting people against each other. Media is a terrible source to inform yourself. Media always trying to write what you want to read, its not a information tool anymore, but a big cancer cell that mess up your definitions of living. Media do think for you, and you can not in a possible way think for yourself anymore. Media only do things for the money, they only writing things to get more clicks, its not objective news anymore, but writing near your hand, Left and right are under influence of the rich people. If media says carrots can cure your cancer, then you can not find any carrot in groceries anymore. Do you follow? Media is a big problem and we must forbid this ‘medium’ out of our lives! Media is a terrible source to rely on, its not your thinking, but it their thinking! So all forbid media! And target them as criminal organizations.

Objective media

If you read here sometimes then you must know how much i hate the media what it is now. In the Netherlands we have in about 2 weeks elections. And it seems media are only here to bashing political party’s. For sure its now new to you, but is this thing a media thing? For me not, media has to be given you news about what happens in the world without to be judgemental or being left or right. This media is dangerous for us all, and specially for children with there judgmental political correctness. We know how terrible this world is, children do not know what are happening right now in this world. The media has the power to control you, and to indoctrinate with ever thing they want. If we want to get our control back then avoid the media in everything, stop listening to a judgmental media that only want to create groups is society’s. The rich and media are almost the same, they focus on what you want to read, they focus on your emotional things, they are far away from be honest. They are the most dangerous of this world, never let them indoctrinate you, think always for yourself look things up before you judge about things you do not know about.

We are with many so we are powerful

2020: Covid, Black lives Matter, hysterical actions, lockdowns, the new world order. Countless things we have to talk about now in 2021. Mass media create so many problems that so much people can not see that they are the problem of a society. So many people are relying on governments and media, the critical people are hidden and need research to find them. Research every source, our problem mass media shows you. In the Netherlands we have a tradition with fireworks in 2020 they have forbid fireworks, but the people have show that they love their traditions and now we must take the control. Scientist and lot of doctors are complaining that governments not listen to simple solutions about the covid virus. Vitamin D and Zink for example has proved and created great results against Covid. Like again the mass media ignore this, and only indoctrinate about the vaccines. We are with many, we are everywhere we need to research every source, there are many source’s where you can find realistic and common solutions for problems in a society. You must always remember that where you read your news they are written because you want to read them. Please aware that media is a huge mind controlling system that are always connected with governments.

The new word is: research!

Media in the Netherlands threatened

I am against any violence and dead threats against the media/reporters. But we can not around the fact that the media is a massive problem in our world. They are brainwashing, indoctrinated whole groups of people. They creating a false public opinion that made living in this world intense difficult. All things happening, are created by the media. All discussions are leaded by the media, that has only interesting in sensation news, to put groups against each other. We are all misleaded everyday by the media, its for many people difficult to take a distance from it.

We allow them

You give they take, you give up your freedom, they take. We are coming on the point that governments wants to steal your freedom legally! And just because we are being terrorized by the media about Covid19. And let me say this, i do not deny this virus and yes i think it can be dangerous for the older people among us. But what we see and what we hear from governments are not the same story and facts as they telling us. So its not that strange that many people after months asking question about this whole virus. And yes conspiracy theories is a normal event in situations like this. A movement against massive control is about happening just right now, doctors and scientist are being censored or deleted from social media (reports say that) any critical voice against the whole covid19 situation are being blocked or censored. Lock downs in certain country’s, and we allow them to do that because we are terrorized with fear trough media.

So the advice is more Think for yourself!

Fixing this world is already to late

The climate has already a agenda, it do what it will we only let it process it faster. In this state the world will never survive without massive violence. The need to want everything, the need to be special, to be a dog of the rich people. We let them, the media is there source to spread lies and fund them to speak in there tone. I have not the intention to make the world a better place, it will destroy my life to fight against the elite that you all admire. Media i say it lot that media is a very very dangerous tool to control the mass and separates groups from each other. Populism, media, the rich, religion. This generation and the next generation will not fix it, a new ice age will might fix it and we all start over.

Found a pretty awesome documentary

Politic correctness

Its very difficult to describe what is happening at the moment. But that we have a major problem is just a fact. Countries that has multi culture people in it has problems with tradition and history from that country where they are in. My opinion is that media feeds them to destroy a countries cultures and traditions, and politic has no other way then agree with certain groups. Its simple we can not allow that countries are mixed up with different people with different religions and behaving. For example the islam is a terrible part of religion, and my opinion is that religion setup people against each other, so my wish is to forbid religion world wide. Black versus white, the west versus middle east, we can not accept certain behavior and traditions in our countries, it creates hate, racism, violence and a messed up media. Children that are being abused to commit to there religions, its messed up to cut boys there private parts, its sick and it do not belong in a modern civilization. And media is terrible already say here lot about that but think twice when you read media in general, they influence politic, public opinions, and setup groups against each other. Protect your culture and history, protect you country and stand up against media, because we do not hate each other, media want to hate each other.

Knowing the definition about we judge

Are you crazy when you think different then others? Are you lazy when you do not follow main stream media? Thinking is free and unlimited. Yes there are good and bad thoughts but that is not different then others. Everyone has bad and good thoughts, and sometimes the free open minded people say it out loud. And that fears lot of people. We living in a predicted society where everything must be the same to live a life. All others that thinking different and out of line are a danger to there predicted environment.


Definitions are being manipulated by media and social media. We judge without knowing the definition about we judge. The problem is society in general, you want to read what you looking for to read.

So: is racism per definition violent?

So: Is denying the Holocaust wrong?

So: Are pedophiles automatic child abusers?

So: Make a political view you bad or wrong?

The source where you hear your news from is your problem

Lot of people still ignore the fact that they are feeded by a story that’s is written in thousands of different context, its a total mess when it comes to ‘news’ and try to get informed. Media is responsible for all that happens in the world, a little group of people have doubts what they read, and a massive whole group take it for granted.

People seems to not get it, my advise is that you must question everything what you read or believe. And what you see is the truth. The media is a dangerous tool that you might not can, and will understand, I’m only warning you when you judge others based on what you have read.

Just some tweets here that describe in my opinion how dangerous media is.

A neutral news source is better for all of us. Now we have thousands of sources that are against each other and bringing news that are far away of any realistic truth. So many people forget how easy #Media manipulate whole groups/countries/races/ and so many more. WAKE UP!
Everything a cop do bad, the media will describe it for you in detail, because you want to read about it.