Fake is everywhere

Everything we do is programmed by your government and the system we live in. The capitalistic pressure is enormous. Its al about social status and the amount of money we have. Everything we do is about money our social status, we are not behaving like individuals, but as slaves from our system. How can we think for our self when everything already is think about it by the ‘system’ this inhumane system put lot of pressure on children to be ready for the next generation of slaves of this capitalistic system. Not only slavery, but the system wants to control everything and everyone. How more we are programmed, how more we do not think anymore. For example the Covid pandemic has shown how controlled we are by media and governments. How many more proof you want that this system is inhumane and very dangerous is. Covid pandemic has shown how many people rely on media, and do not see the danger they in fact are. How can we think for our self when the majority can not? The group self thinking people are tiny and can nothing do then watch how the system destroys us.

Statement (Dutch)

Mijn verleden is niet iets om trots op te zijn. Maar ik wil met dit clipje aantonen dat mensen wel degelijk kunnen veranderen. De PNVD moet weg blijven en de mensen daar achter moeten stoppen met het voor anderen nog moeilijker maken dan het al is. Massa controle door de overheid moeten we stoppen, we moeten zelf blijven nadenken. Het is belangrijk dat je niet toegeeft aan censuur maar aan de definitie van vrijheid van meningsuiting.

I’m not a sheep, so i do not follow

How is that be going? To be indoctrinated by governments and religions? Those things are being important to so much people that they forget to live and to have a own opinion of them self. If you are a normal citizen like me, we all sucked up by governments and law, there is no escaping ‘this’ society. Me personally hate this world, hate the theater people play to be important or to be something they don’t are. A free world without massive eyes that track you everywhere you are going. Get work, get kids, get friends, it sounds to me so coordinated and indoctrinated by a force that only sees economic value in you. I believe we are more then only slaves to this world, but its difficult, for so many people to get out of line and think about there simple life they have. Media, news papers are their source of information without question it. Its also my source, but need more sources to believe and react on it. Protesting is just a form of doing nothing then show you are the minority of the things you protest against. Me? I have learned basic moral, learned how many people lies, how many people living without knowing who they are and what they can do.

Just approach everyday with the fact today somebody is gonna lie to you. Stop following others, but follow yourself, this advise you will need in the coming future.