Breaking regular updates: Riots in many city’s in the Netherlands

Yep its like war (War is a big word) in my country. In many city’s there is many reported violence and plundering of stores and massive destruction of buildings and windows, and all other things.

These city’s are reported #Breda #Deventer #Nijmegen #Amsterdam #Brunssum #Rotterdam #Utrecht #Leiden #Hoofddorp #DenBosch #Roermond #Purmerend #Arnhem #Roosendaal #Zwolle #Helmond #Groningen #Denhaag #Haarlem #Den Haag

Because of the lock down and a evening clock young people are outraged and seeking confrontations with the dutch police. Young people are desperate and seeking something to do and between all of that, there is also the discussion about the truth about Covid-19.

The cost (Because of destruction) of shop owners and all other property will not be covered by insurance companies they have said today. So they have it already very difficult and now this.

I do not allow violence and chaos and terrorizing the good people of this country.


Breaking conspiracy theories: I will take Covid vaccine

Yes me! Because its seems the only solution to go back to normal. After some research i am truly think the vaccine is good to use. No nano electronics in your bodies so governments can follow you. There is no way that governments trying to implant something in us, its all bullshit spread round social media. Yes, i place my thoughts around this whole killer virus, yes media and governments are trying to make us scared for something that is not a killer virus. But if we want do good then i am willing to take the vaccine for others. If you believe its terrible and this virus must be terminated then i am willing to help you and others to take the vaccine. Still i do not trust big company’s, i do not trust governments, but i do trust science. Also it seems if we get a cure for this virus, why not a cure for cancer and HIV? Science has take the first step to wake up and it might be a step to find a cure faster for cancer and all other terrible deceases.

So are you taking the vaccine?