The danger of Covid19

This is my opinion i do not claim i am right or wrong.

I am placing lot of questions about this virus in total. This virus is not the danger, but the governments are the danger. They take, and you give your freedom out of hands. And yes it might get Covid19 under control, but the problem more, is that they can now more then before. You accept that they have control over you, because you give it them. But just look close to al decisions governments have made and where this gonna lead to. The power source of spreading fear is the media, they spread a potential danger that statistic is worse then the normal flu. Our freedom is in danger, once they make the step, how more difficult it is to take it back.

Freedom that we know was already little, but step by step governments will take control over everybody and over everything. And think about it the flu is also deadly. The most powerful tool you can use is think for yourself, keep your immune system good. Take vitamins eat healthy its the common cure for most of this kind of things.

Lets check in to reality

I have never believed in conspiracy theories, i do not believe what people and media tells me. Because its not a realistic source. Media always write things what you want to read or want to hear. Politicians are trying to distract you from real world problems, the media ignore real world problems. Social media is not a source to understand difficult things, its a army that can believe anything they read or hearing. Populism leads to placing people in groups, its a form of brainwashing that has affected me to. I have stopped to listen, and only listen to people that makes common sense. I do defend freedom of speech, and everyone has the right to speech, to write, and to believe what they want to believe. But we need to listen to reason, we need to filter unrealistic thinking and the people that talk good stuff and discuss and have opinions about realistic things. Just keep in mind that media and politicians have a different agenda, populism and creating distractions in society is a huge problem that i am seeing everywhere.

The resistance is growing!

No not me our my blog (that is not that important for me) but i see the signs that the world are going to stand up against the mass media and the rich people that wants control about everyone. We critical thinkers are being censored on multiple social media platforms. When you think you are dangerous, when you obey you are a perfect citizen. I had never the intention to be a normal citizen, there is always things to fight for or against things. My life is about activism, never have the intention to obey. The underground resistance is moving inside and outside (non-violence) things i have already told about the system, we are under pressure because of the system, we need pure socialism with strong leaders that are willing to die for there country. Make media less important, stop the fake democracy because it can not work when we allow multiple cultures religions in one country. Black and white is not a discussion, behaving and culture and religions are the discussion.

As always: We must think for our self! Don ‘t be the sheep, you can still fight for your rights! Fight for others rights!

So are we free?

The true definition of freedom means to me to say things, thinking about things and do things without any borders. How free are we? We are free within a system that are prepared for people that have a different opinions and thoughts. Within the system we are allowed to talk about anything, but the mass are leading the conversation about what is wrong or good. So are we free? The media tells you lot of things, the mass believe it, others question it, and others the minority take media not all that serious. If you have thoughts that are different from the mass then you risking your social status, your job, your family and your place in general in society. Those who follow the mass are being rewarded in social status, in his or here morality there is no escaping when you give in what others tells you. So are we free?

Capitalism is invented by the rich and are being controlled by the rich. Voting and democracy are just tools to keep the minority quiet. How bigger the minority becomes, how more devastated tools the rich going to use to keep you the minority.

So are we free in his true definition?

Knowing the definition about we judge

Are you crazy when you think different then others? Are you lazy when you do not follow main stream media? Thinking is free and unlimited. Yes there are good and bad thoughts but that is not different then others. Everyone has bad and good thoughts, and sometimes the free open minded people say it out loud. And that fears lot of people. We living in a predicted society where everything must be the same to live a life. All others that thinking different and out of line are a danger to there predicted environment.


Definitions are being manipulated by media and social media. We judge without knowing the definition about we judge. The problem is society in general, you want to read what you looking for to read.

So: is racism per definition violent?

So: Is denying the Holocaust wrong?

So: Are pedophiles automatic child abusers?

So: Make a political view you bad or wrong?

Children the up-coming slaves of capitalism

Predict the future and whats coming up on your mind? Government controlled slaves working for the world economy to make the rich richer. Early signs of fascism today with the Corona virus is a example of how many people are afraid because of a virus and how governments can play with media and people. If you ask me all basic human rights are betrayed by those who says that human healthy and freedom are important. On top there are dangerous people at work with much influence on governments and stock markets. Children are now prepared in a over-protecting environment how to learn to listen and be controlled by authorities. Young children being tested on intelligence to predict where there future might be, and how many the cost or bring money to the state. Its sick, children in these days are in a lot of pressure to perform and brainwashed by there brainwashed parents. Children can not be children anymore, don’ t say they can, because they can not in this sick capitalistic world. We live to live, not to be slaves of the system.


This world is not free

This world is not free, this world is not created by god, this world is not created to be a slave from it.

We all must recognize that we are living in a terrible system where we judge each other based on behaving and dress codes. We judge about what we see what media already has judged. The self thinking persons are rare these days, there is so much more when you open your mind, instead to let it lead by others. You can tell, you do not let your thoughts lead by others, how are you so sure that this is not a cliche response to the question? Many people are unnoticed be brainwashed by governments and media, nobody knows anymore the definition of good and evil, and love and hate. How further the indoctrination goes how more complexity it will be. I hate this society based on how they behave and respond to things what others tell them. What is worse? A child that has been killed, or a adult that has been killed? You will not find a answer on that because your mind is bind to what others think and say. The only good answer is ‘both’ its the same. You do not really want a explanation for this, you know. Its a example how we respond in emotions and not with realistic thinking. We can not judge about others mistakes, we can not rely on stories people tell about others.

Socialism is a answer contaminated with communism: Also here counts your judgments about those political views, you only hear stories. Stories are not enough to learn the elements of socialism and communism. Read about it, just do not choose based on what others tell you.