Hungary does what is necessary

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Its most absurd that we live in a world where children can have a sex change. Children are not capable to decide that they have born in a wrong body. If i think about it, it makes me angry that people allow that children are born in a wrong body. Its simple in this world, you are men or a woman. Its not normal that children are being brainwashed by there surrounding that they are different and that they are born in a wrong body. Children need to accept them self with all they are born with. If they want to change them self then let them decide when they are adult. Psychical, and fysical change on young age is just sick, and we adults should not support that. The part that Hungary also wants to forbid propaganda about homosexuality is a thing i do not agree with them. But the part about children i find necessary to do, what the hell are we doing? How crazy must society are to accept this.

Terrifying abuse case

An 47 years old men (Netherlands) (Aardenburg) has committed terrible things to girls. 10 years of abuse off several children. They where drugged, sold for sex, humiliated and brutally raped. with sleeping pills and drugs and alcohol he committed this terrible things to children. It makes me angry that people can do this such of things, this is sick in the highest degree. 8 years of prison and for life in a system where he can not out easily. Still those life of this children are ruined, no money of therapist can undone this, it will be forever a scar. Why are people doing this things? I do not have the explanation, but we have in this world sick individuals that need to be catch before they commit these crimes against humanity. I am not a judge and i will never will be one, but the real judge will come in prison (its what i am hoping) This kind of things makes me terrible and angry at the same time. I do not accept this, i will never accept this, and i hope the judge and others keep him for ever in his cell, noway out anymore for him.

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Life is unfair, it will never be fair

For the pass several weeks i am looking at YouTube to very sad story’s. Its not for my entertainment but looking further then only know about deadly deceases. When i am looking at it, then i have no other words then that this is a unfair world, life is unfair, nobody can assault nature of dying and deceases. For sure its more terrifying when you see that children are being terminally, and yes i have say lot of time in myself, why is this not me? I have live till now a rough life, where i deserved to be get sick. Then you see children with terminal cancer, then i can nothing do then feel sorry en glad they are out of pain. It does not matter how you live or when you live, there is no lottery in this, you get sick or you get not sick. We are like ants on this world, we all have story’s, we all have bad and happy moments, we die and live.

So for all that the fact this life is unfair i am sorry, no child deserve to die in not any circumstancing. Science is already far in many things, capitalism hold deceases cure still to make more money.

I want to pick one video out: Listen what she saying and i know your anger will be raising further by the minute you hear here story.

Please be aware that this girl has passed away

The future

How long can we going further without going to a 3e world war? How long can our system sustain this world. when is it the time to recognize that the world has started in a wrong way? We let religion in, but we do not let get it out. We our not solving world problems, we made it more complex, its to difficult to see the real problems. Children world wide are being abused by their system, or living in war, or living in bad country’s where health care are terrible. Do you never think about the time when you want children? Do you think this is a good time to have children? Its time for a different system, a different media, a different everything.

How are we going to fix this world?

Children are economic objects

If you have read my blog then you will already know how hard and radical i am against a system that preparing children for economic reasons.

young children being tested for economic reason only makes me sick. Children need to learn and to grow up there way, stimulate to economic reasons only, is in my eyes child abuse. In my view, children need to play and explore and to fall to learn. Education yes! Education to a system that fails is so many ways i can not tolerate. Capitalism is a terrible system that people separate between the poor and the rich, and separation between high educated and low educated. This can not be the standard of living, but in reality it is. Its time for a more humane approach. The first thing that must change are free health care, free education, and lot of free things that children need to explore and to educate them self.

Created seksualization

Commercials, TV series, Movies, society in general.

Young people are always beautiful when you see them on television, most porn site’s are showing girls in a way they are underage, but in fact they are 18. The focus on porn is young as possible. Society creates Sexualization young girls must deliver a performance to look beautiful and looking like an adult. If you create beautiful people, then don’t be shocked when people fall for it. We create everything that has to do with sexuality and it might not that intention, but it is for some people difficult to deny that young girls are be looking nicer then a adult woman. 95% of men look at young girls there is no escaping from that, its is how it is. Is it wrong? For me counts that when you do not harm anyone then why does it harm? Abuse is mostly done by sadistic people with no feelings for a certain group or age. The discussion the fact children can consent is a difficult one, me personal think children do not know the impact of sexual interaction so its best to explore for children with there own age. But that does not means sexualization happens on massive scale, an one side we do not want abuse, and the other side they want to be you looking beautiful and promote it almost everywhere.

This is a discussion that i will continue later.

Children the up-coming slaves of capitalism

Predict the future and whats coming up on your mind? Government controlled slaves working for the world economy to make the rich richer. Early signs of fascism today with the Corona virus is a example of how many people are afraid because of a virus and how governments can play with media and people. If you ask me all basic human rights are betrayed by those who says that human healthy and freedom are important. On top there are dangerous people at work with much influence on governments and stock markets. Children are now prepared in a over-protecting environment how to learn to listen and be controlled by authorities. Young children being tested on intelligence to predict where there future might be, and how many the cost or bring money to the state. Its sick, children in these days are in a lot of pressure to perform and brainwashed by there brainwashed parents. Children can not be children anymore, don’ t say they can, because they can not in this sick capitalistic world. We live to live, not to be slaves of the system.