brainwashed by religion

Yes a religion post this time!

People and believing in fictional gods and angels and devils. When do you exactly grow up? Lot of people never! They still believing in a sort of religion, and there starts the problem we have world wide. People are desperate to believe this world is created by god in actually 6 days! where he takes on Sunday a day off. People are afraid of death and afraid what happens when they die. There are things in life that are not granted by anyone when you die, you die so simply is that. But lets talk about the brainwashing effect religion has, and how many people are being killed by war, genocide, stolen land, by religion. Countless wars are being battled in history and in fucking even now! It continue, it does not stop. In my point of view religion must be forbidden and all people that don’t want to turn back in reality need a strong lesson in reality. All those believers are in-direct and direct responsible what religion does to this world. You as believer are responsible for the many deaths of innocent children, because you keep a story in life that is far away from reality. Religion is mass murder, so believers are mass murderers to keep this fiction in stand, and there for i will hate you forever.

I come out of the closet!

You want probably a explanation because of my earlier post before this one. The pictures North Korea, Russia, and communism in general are my greatest wish to combine this 3 pictures in to one. My political views are a mix between Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea, a controlled media and a controlled religion are important issues for me. No system is a good system, i like the idea to isolate people and country’s that control their people trough religion. Religion has no place in the real world and again it must be banned and smashed out of people!

We need a strong force to break the Americans and their allies and Israel that illegal country has to stop to exist.

Its not Islam, its religion in total that must be banned, it causes to much wars, deaths, and for many a unhappy life.

This is when you have to wake up

Hello? Somebody there that still thinks freely? Glad that i have your attention. Normally people don’t come here, because its to radical, my writings are not perfect either. Does not make me that human? To make mistakes in a public form like my blog? You have to deal with my mistakes, because perfection is not around here, and why perfect? Look around, look at your country, look further to that. What are your thoughts on this moment you read this? Mah forget social media, forget television, forget everything people has told you. Forget what you have hearing. Seems to be the solution to enter perfection. Technology is just great, it will and do control your lives for ever. And no i am not a god person (let me laugh for a moment) i am not al about doomsday but i am for sure that technology will destroy us. All things we have about electronics are connected to the internet, yaey! Good, its fucking handy! Yes its handy, but your local, our your country in general are using it to do other things. Media (thousands of sources) bringing you the news about ‘the killer virus’ it manipulate several things, to reach to you it focusing on your fear and your responsibility’s you have. Slowly the world gives its responsibility’s in the hands of governments that already has the need to control everything we do. Again take look around, look at your family when you are together, look at you kids, and think again how vulnerable you are when you lose control over your own life and that from your family, is this really what we all want? It might you have a house, a car, a dog maybe, my opinion cats are more my thing. But you are stuck between your responsibility’s and your lovely government that has to need to control, to put fear, to let you behave like they want. Just again hello? You still reading, you might think its bullshit and it might is! I am just asking are you thinking? How are you going to cover your weak spots? How do you think this will all end?

So many questions for you to think about, just don’t forget that you have read this bullshit, because sadly its needed that it has to written. And i do not stop, not so long all corrupt /media/country’s/governments/religions/ has to do. This is when you serious has to wake up! Fight for your right to exist and to protect what is yours.

Included some imperfections…

(Dutch article)Toen ik ging leven was ik onhandelbaar en een kanker jong

Translation (ENG)

Verhalen en psychisch misbruik ze zullen nooit worden erkend! Drank misbruik, loze beloftes, egocentrisch denken, en als ongewenst ter wereld komen. Dat zijn verhalen dat mijn familie nooit zal vertellen of niet eens zullen begrijpen wat zij voor schade hebben aan gericht. 34 jaar heeft het moeten duren voor ik de potentie in mijzelf zag, jaren alcohol misbruik, jaren lang hebben mensen mij gebruikt en beschadigt, jaren zocht ik de erkenning maar nooit zal krijgen. Mijn nichtjes, neefjes, zusjes, broertjes valt niks te verwijten die zijn met de illusie opgegroeid dat ik een onhandelbaar kind was, en nooit is tegen hen de werkelijke waarheid verteld. Ik ben 5 jaar van de drank af, ik ben mezelf geworden, ik ga in de zorg werken en zal iedereen laten zien dat ze geen flauw benul hebben wie ik ben en waar voor ik sta. Simpel denkende mensen die geen raad wisten, en het enige wat zij doen en altijd doen is de schuld op een ander schuiven, het is altijd zo geweest, en is nog steeds zo. Het Initiatief om contact te zoeken heb ik altijd gedaan, maar zij, nooit, zij denken alleen maar aan hun zelf altijd al gedaan en dat is nu niet anders. Toen ik aan mijn nieren werd geopereerd waren ze allemaal als de kippen bij, ziek en onschuldig, maar wanneer ik ging leven was ik onhandelbaar en een kanker jong. Dat zijn zomaar even voorbeelden hoe ik als jong kind werd genoemd, nog voor dat ik kon leren schrijven of wat dan ook was mijn familie al een zooitje gescheiden van elkaar. Beiden kanten van mijn familie heeft aangetoond te simpel voor mij te zijn, ik heb mijn fouten, en als kind mocht ik die niet maken. Zielig verhaal of niet, maar dit is in het kort wel hoe een fantastische jeugd ik heb gehad, ja op het internaat was mijn jeugd goed met als kind de nodige problemen. Hechting angst, sociale angst, geweld, kortom PTSS jaren lang, en verdwijnt nooit meer. Als jij mij niet had gewild had je het juiste moeten doen, en tal van rapporten van de raad van de kinderbescherming is nooit iets mee gedaan, omdat dit bewust werd tegen gehouden en werd goed gepraat. Alles goed praten wat zij verkeerd deden, dat schetste een beeld bij jullie over mij wat niet klopt, wat nooit geklopt heeft. Adoptie was de enige juiste keuze geweest, en had ik een heel ander leven geleid dan wat ik nu heb geleid. Maar ik ben sterker, mentaal niet meer te breken, en zal mijn kinderen never nooit niet de jeugd geven die ik heb gehad. Ik zou van mijn kinderen houden, altijd en overal zonder de boel te bedonderen.

van 7/21 op internaat gewoond

van 21/30 de zwarte bladzijdes van mijn leven geschreven

30/34 opweg naar wie ik echt ben

Who the fuck is QAnon?

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

So let me say this first: Who the fuck are they? Never have heard of them since exactly now. Most things they say are things i am already saying since i can think and eat on my own. We already know that media is a hoax and that they are a massive danger to us all, except the rich that controls them. But even for me there is a line: Pedophiles, satanic rituals, its sound to me to a sect that are convinced that all bad things happens is because of the rich and its corrupt system. I can rely on that, but i can not accept the fact that pedophiles are being targeted, by this group. My experience is not what they say, corruption, the covid19 hoax i can agree that there is something going on. Because of my experience with pedophilia i can say that lot of people have trouble with them self. I have already told that in a early post here Society has a obsession with pedophilia

I am not here to promote anything, but i want that everything we experience in life is debatable no hidden group status, no hidden secrets, no labels. Not every dog bite, not every pedophile molest children and people who do, are not pedophiles. The system we live in is a terrible one, so i have some points where i do agree with QAnon, but i do not agree with all of them. Every human is a human, who has troubles need help, who are stepping over the law needs to be punished.

Lets say i will continue following this ‘movement’ and no i do not support trump. Because i hate the United States.

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

Statement (Dutch)

Mijn verleden is niet iets om trots op te zijn. Maar ik wil met dit clipje aantonen dat mensen wel degelijk kunnen veranderen. De PNVD moet weg blijven en de mensen daar achter moeten stoppen met het voor anderen nog moeilijker maken dan het al is. Massa controle door de overheid moeten we stoppen, we moeten zelf blijven nadenken. Het is belangrijk dat je niet toegeeft aan censuur maar aan de definitie van vrijheid van meningsuiting.

Official statement will follow in a few days

Because i have a history with activism i am going to clear somethings out. I am a new person and think different then 15 years ago. For people that will recognize me i want to say ‘give me the second chance’ that i as a person deserve. I am not going make videos with maskers or in other disguise because that don’ t feel good to do.

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As long it exist people are suffering and killed in name of religion. We have the Bible and the Koran, both books based on same thing placed in different context. But most they are the same what they telling. Its a simple law book that they used ages ago, and and still some of the lines are still reality for those who believe. It can not have exist on how they describe it, it is very very unlikely that ‘god’ create the whole universe and make hell for people that commit crimes or don’t believe. Scientist all round the world has a more realistic view how our universe has created and how this world has be what it is now. Still that is not why i’ m writing this, religion is one of the worlds problem that causes racism, discrimination, hate, violence, there are countless reason more what this ‘religion’ creates. Even the political systems are infected with it, many company’s are infected with it, it is much worse then real diseases. Religion is not real, it has never had place, and it is nothing more then fiction. People who still believe are in-direct responsible for all things bad that happened in name of religion. Who believe can not be taken serious about all other things that happened in a realistic life. If you want have faith then believe in yourself. Atheism means only thinking realistic deal with reality, and take a stand against religion that mess up with reality.

This world is not free

This world is not free, this world is not created by god, this world is not created to be a slave from it.

We all must recognize that we are living in a terrible system where we judge each other based on behaving and dress codes. We judge about what we see what media already has judged. The self thinking persons are rare these days, there is so much more when you open your mind, instead to let it lead by others. You can tell, you do not let your thoughts lead by others, how are you so sure that this is not a cliche response to the question? Many people are unnoticed be brainwashed by governments and media, nobody knows anymore the definition of good and evil, and love and hate. How further the indoctrination goes how more complexity it will be. I hate this society based on how they behave and respond to things what others tell them. What is worse? A child that has been killed, or a adult that has been killed? You will not find a answer on that because your mind is bind to what others think and say. The only good answer is ‘both’ its the same. You do not really want a explanation for this, you know. Its a example how we respond in emotions and not with realistic thinking. We can not judge about others mistakes, we can not rely on stories people tell about others.

Socialism is a answer contaminated with communism: Also here counts your judgments about those political views, you only hear stories. Stories are not enough to learn the elements of socialism and communism. Read about it, just do not choose based on what others tell you.

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