Its time for a ice age

Yes me and you have hear about the great reset. Some rich assholes that want to transform the world in to their desires. It will not change they think it will be. What we need is a ice age to reset this world. Back to basic, back to the start. And yes with mine desires. No more religion, no more war, no more discrimination in all its forms. No more discrimination of sexuality or race, or color. I feel the need to repeat it, because we are going a way we can never can turn back anymore. The basics in this world is corrupted by religion and wrong standard morals. There is only crisis when you started one and tell it further. People tell story’s different to each other, that creates more story’s. When one men kill one men, 10 people are being told he has killed 2 men. We have to stop to tell lies and learning us lies, like religion does. I feel so much towards this world because they can’t accept me who i am. And that is because story’s people tel each other and hearing it from the ‘news’ media is not telling news they are telling what you want to hear. So yes i want a great reset, but not because of some corrupt and stinky rich guys.

A new ice age! Reset this world ‘again’!

Criminalized feelings

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

We all are people with different emotions expressions and with feelings in general. Me for example i am a very closed person, i do not trust people, i have hatred feelings for people. I have feelings for children (Its also a reason why i have put myself in a institution to live save. So many people have a negative view on people that has feelings for children. And yes that is not weird at all if you see how many people come in to the news when they have hurt children. I do separate myself from them, my definition of my feelings is never harm children. People who do harm children have not the same feelings for them like i am. Child abuse is always disgusting and it make me angry when people come in to the news and i must take responsibility for it. Those feelings for children are related to me personally, because of my childhood and my abusive (psychically) parents and other adults. Me and the people came in the news are a huge different with me as a person. Never think we are all the same, because we are not. My feelings for children are a responsibility to protect them and to support all children in need. In short words i am a activist for all children on earth to hope they are happy and living a good and safe life. I am (a) sexual, platonic love, person. My intentions are different then for many others. I hope you learn something from and think about it.

I am not them, and they are not me.

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

My short story

Most people that has read here, knows about my feelings for children. And this are not feelings like sexual only, its so much more then most people think and read in our most trusted judging media. My life? An alcoholic abusive family that put me away in child institutions, psychically abuse, the worst kind of family you can even imagine. 15 years in a institution and still are! In 2008 my activism put me in a dark and dark book that you can not also imagine. Put myself in the line to try others understand certain feelings, but its not easy to stand in-line where others abusing children in the matter i always have take distance from it. My intentions are separate feelings and deeds, real feelings for children includes never abuse them, never harm them, and try to protect them, that is my definition of my feelings. But so many people coming in to the news and are classified with this feelings that has nothing to do with my definition of feelings. And every time i feel the responsibility to correct it, i am not them, i do or have never think about that kind of things. The problem is if one hooligan is violence then all others are also. There is no more separation, we all get labeled and we all must suffer from others deeds. Still now after 15 years of alcohol abuse and scars from trowing away outside the society, i still see how many children are being abused in many forms! How they become the future slave of this capitalistic system. Me i can do nothing anymore then only write about it. It has broke me, it has damage me, but i never stop feeling for the ones they deserved to feel. I have not the intention to write about it, but sometimes i need to, and think i am more then only that, read my blog, read read and you will see i am not that person that media tells you. My mission will never change, to be there for all children, to give them a happy life, to let them know how this world works. And all people that abuse children must be terminated, because i am not them and they are not me!

If you have questions do not shame to ask them.

Creating minorities

Its world againstviolencewoman day, it means they are different then other human beings. So is it how i see this, it must be againstallhumanviolence day. People has to stop to put others in the minority corner. This is one of the things why humanity fails, this is why groups are being judged and being threat like weaker, stronger or different then others. Humans are equal to each other, there is only one separation that a woman is a woman and a men is a men. But let me clear about this, its not this only the LGBT community also place them self in a minority corner, all kinds of groups put them self in a unnecessary position. Right and left politics are also groups to define what they think they are. Its human that we not like everyone, we can disagree with certain cultures and behaving. Its human to have feelings and difficult thoughts, but all in that we still are all humans.

Child pornography the problem that can not be solved without solutions

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

We all can agree that child pornography are abuse of children that can’t consent. This will be not a discussion to promote anything of this, but i am looking for solutions without making victims. If you have serious problems with this issue then you need somebody to speak to about it, because child pornography will go in to a obsession and when it come to that, its already to late. When you ban something you do not solve anything, it goes underground where more children are being abused, and that i will never accept. People still have feelings, and needs, that’s why prostitution exist for so long. If we want all to stop child pornography then we need to the basic why people want to see this or want to have this. Is it because people are have feelings for it? (without judging here) or for the money making only? If we want to stop abuse then they need a alternative like 3D or Hentai, or cartoons whatever in this categorize. You can not solve anything with ban something and made it illegal, peoples needs/feelings don ‘t disappear with it, if you want to solve something you have to give a alternative. In mine opinion you can reduce victims when you give people a alternative, so long this is not possible children every day will be abused and scared for life.

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

Society has a obsession with pedophilia

I am writing and make videos that has some content that viewers and readers might trigger. I want to help you if you have problems with yourself our your feelings.

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

Its not new, but society blames and accusing everyone and everything they can for pedophilia. The word is that Covid19 and Pedophilia are related and bound as one problem. Politicians are pedophiles, they think and blame it all on pedophiles. This obsession for pedophilia is not new and is already going on since the uprising of the internet.

But let me take things clear: Most pedophiles are not abusing children, its mostly a father a uncle, or nephew, or sister or the mother or a grandma or a good friend of the family. And when they come in the news they are labeled as pedophiles. So what we do exactly is criminalize pedophilia (This definition) has nothing to do with most child abusers that rape and killing children. Please keep in mind that pedophiles looking for help to deal with them self, so it will not help if you criminalize a term that does not fit for many people that abuse children.

Abuse: is always target on the weak and on a sadistic way. This has nothing to do with the definition people use, these are wrong terms. Because most pedophiles want help and never have the intention to harm children, those who do harm children are not pedophiles.

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

Marc Dutroux: Deserve the Dead penalty

Child murderer Marc Dutroux wants to be free, psychiatrist are looking if he is changed. If you ask me, this monster has no rights to live anymore. He has murdered children in a most sadistic way. His sexual frustration has flooded other people and they are being labeled that all people with certian feelings are like Marc Dutroux. I do not agree that all people that has feelings for children want to rape them, to kill them, and whatever sick-minds want to do with children. Most people with feelings for children has no intention ever to abuse of traumatizing children. I have already written a article about the Dead penalt here on my blog. Proved murder must be punished with the dead penalty. People who abuse children has no other right then burn in jail. Its absurd that men talk about his freedom, he will never survive, and if people know where he lives, he will be dead in no time. And can you blame them? Murdering children is the lowest to the lowest you can do, and it deserve a strong punishment.

Read more about this monster on Wikipedia

Created seksualization

Commercials, TV series, Movies, society in general.

Young people are always beautiful when you see them on television, most porn site’s are showing girls in a way they are underage, but in fact they are 18. The focus on porn is young as possible. Society creates Sexualization young girls must deliver a performance to look beautiful and looking like an adult. If you create beautiful people, then don’t be shocked when people fall for it. We create everything that has to do with sexuality and it might not that intention, but it is for some people difficult to deny that young girls are be looking nicer then a adult woman. 95% of men look at young girls there is no escaping from that, its is how it is. Is it wrong? For me counts that when you do not harm anyone then why does it harm? Abuse is mostly done by sadistic people with no feelings for a certain group or age. The discussion the fact children can consent is a difficult one, me personal think children do not know the impact of sexual interaction so its best to explore for children with there own age. But that does not means sexualization happens on massive scale, an one side we do not want abuse, and the other side they want to be you looking beautiful and promote it almost everywhere.

This is a discussion that i will continue later.