I do not accept when you pressure me to accept

You may not ask to be accepted, you will be accept when you do normal about it. Its a social media thing asking for acceptation for Trans genders or LHTBI in general. Why do you ask me that, why are you so different then other humans? We all are humans with all different feelings or standard feelings. Some feelings might be wrong and some feelings are a little bit crazy, but that is to be human, you can not ask someone to accept you who you are. I hate it when i see it when it is trendy on Twitter for example. If you continue to see yourself as the weaker people, people will always put you in the corner with the other ‘minorities’ you lower yourself to ask for acceptation. Its the same of the black communities as well, you can not put racist on every white peoples head. As always there is always on source that keep this theme alive MEDIA yep they like to create fights in societies they do look like it if there is a race war going on, they do want you to think there is a massive racist problem, all things you hear are mostly created public opinions by media. Never take anything for true see around, look everywhere and the problem is not that big.

Think for your self.

Every year the same hypocrite thing

Me from 1986, we every year must remember the last world war. Can we stop this please? Why do we have every year having a memorial about that? The first 25 years i agree to do this. Its useless to continue having these memorial days. I have not make the war, have not killed someone, and i am not responsible for this war. To think about war in general, on many places like now there is war (most of the time in name of religion) its all indoctrination this stupid memorials its freaking more then 75 years ago. So i do never stand up for this day, freedom day in a capitalistic system where we all are slaves to the system, no thank you. I see the hypocrisy in all of it. We are not free! We are ants for the rich, the rich using politicians to get more control over us. The system is in total a massive lie, we are all prisoners in our country. Indoctrinated by media, religion, politicians, and so we can continue this list. And let me clear things out 1933 /1945 was a terrible time for this world, it is terrible that 6 million Jews are murdered in gas cambers and that people where murdered because they did not fit the German standards. Still, its more then 75 years ago, lot of people and other generations are not responsible for this tragedy.

We are not free, we are occupied by the rich in a aggressive capitalistic system.

Its time for a ice age

Yes me and you have hear about the great reset. Some rich assholes that want to transform the world in to their desires. It will not change they think it will be. What we need is a ice age to reset this world. Back to basic, back to the start. And yes with mine desires. No more religion, no more war, no more discrimination in all its forms. No more discrimination of sexuality or race, or color. I feel the need to repeat it, because we are going a way we can never can turn back anymore. The basics in this world is corrupted by religion and wrong standard morals. There is only crisis when you started one and tell it further. People tell story’s different to each other, that creates more story’s. When one men kill one men, 10 people are being told he has killed 2 men. We have to stop to tell lies and learning us lies, like religion does. I feel so much towards this world because they can’t accept me who i am. And that is because story’s people tel each other and hearing it from the ‘news’ media is not telling news they are telling what you want to hear. So yes i want a great reset, but not because of some corrupt and stinky rich guys.

A new ice age! Reset this world ‘again’!

Things has radicalize me

Going back to myself, this year i was very radical about Muslim people and people outside the Netherlands. The problem start with media and politic populism, creating groups, and separating people from others. I do now know that i was wrong and filled with bad thoughts about people. I do not allow racism and if i have ever shown symptoms, then i am sorry for that, that is not me. Now i am me, everyone deserve a good life and everyone deserve to live in peach. Still i can never accept religion, but i do respect others that has a religion. Bad people are everywhere and in every country and in every religions, but they do not presenting whole people or country’s or religions. Still i do not accept Israel, still i do not accept the genocide on Palestinians and kurdisch people, and never can accept Israel. Society and media has for a small period brainwashed me with very nationalistic thoughts, i will never accept them anymore, because all people that lives in our country are valuable, every human deserve a place, country to live in.

Everyone can be dangerous

There is no escaping the fact we all have anger in us. We all have limits and boundaries. Everyone can kill, can rape, can steal, can drive to red light and so go on. Not always are labels a good time to place them on people because most acts are not the definition of the part of the crime. Most common mistakes about for example pedophiles that they are raping children and only that is what they want to do. Most abuse of children are being by family those are really the statics round 80% of raped children is because a family member. Street rape, are not very common and that are people that can not be labeled then only psychically insane. Child porn is a other matter, people with feelings they can ‘t talk about, people having no other way to express their feelings, for most count that people with feelings for children is a growing obsession for child porn, feelings are going to be a obsession. Its difficult in a society, that don ‘t understand the matter. But enough off this.

Everyone has the potential to do wrong, its simply life. Not all people are good, and even good people can do wrong things. We are living in a very judgmental world where everyone thinks they know it all, most of them just repeat what others are saying. People that murder in name of religion, or in name of ideology, you can not stop it! There are always individuals like Breivik to do things that most people not even can think about. Anger, feelings are emotions and every emotion must be heard and not be judged before you even know what is really happening.

Statement (Dutch)

Mijn verleden is niet iets om trots op te zijn. Maar ik wil met dit clipje aantonen dat mensen wel degelijk kunnen veranderen. De PNVD moet weg blijven en de mensen daar achter moeten stoppen met het voor anderen nog moeilijker maken dan het al is. Massa controle door de overheid moeten we stoppen, we moeten zelf blijven nadenken. Het is belangrijk dat je niet toegeeft aan censuur maar aan de definitie van vrijheid van meningsuiting.

Politic correctness

Its very difficult to describe what is happening at the moment. But that we have a major problem is just a fact. Countries that has multi culture people in it has problems with tradition and history from that country where they are in. My opinion is that media feeds them to destroy a countries cultures and traditions, and politic has no other way then agree with certain groups. Its simple we can not allow that countries are mixed up with different people with different religions and behaving. For example the islam is a terrible part of religion, and my opinion is that religion setup people against each other, so my wish is to forbid religion world wide. Black versus white, the west versus middle east, we can not accept certain behavior and traditions in our countries, it creates hate, racism, violence and a messed up media. Children that are being abused to commit to there religions, its messed up to cut boys there private parts, its sick and it do not belong in a modern civilization. And media is terrible already say here lot about that but think twice when you read media in general, they influence politic, public opinions, and setup groups against each other. Protect your culture and history, protect you country and stand up against media, because we do not hate each other, media want to hate each other.

Knowing the definition about we judge

Are you crazy when you think different then others? Are you lazy when you do not follow main stream media? Thinking is free and unlimited. Yes there are good and bad thoughts but that is not different then others. Everyone has bad and good thoughts, and sometimes the free open minded people say it out loud. And that fears lot of people. We living in a predicted society where everything must be the same to live a life. All others that thinking different and out of line are a danger to there predicted environment.


Definitions are being manipulated by media and social media. We judge without knowing the definition about we judge. The problem is society in general, you want to read what you looking for to read.

So: is racism per definition violent?

So: Is denying the Holocaust wrong?

So: Are pedophiles automatic child abusers?

So: Make a political view you bad or wrong?

The world has gone crazy

In the Netherlands demonstrations about Black lives matters are allowed. Demonstrations against Covid-19 and a special law for Covid-19 are forbidden. The EU commission want that countries that has several traditions with ‘a black face’ that countries searching for a alternative. As example Saint Nicolas and black pete

People marked since last 10 years as racism, almost nobody has linked to it, till some people talk about it, how they are discriminated by it. Its a holiday for children, and special only for children, generations are grow up with this holiday. And now outsiders that come to our country are trying to destroy this culture. And you know what i most hate? In there countries gay people hang because they are gay. If you come here, then you have not a other way to accept our cultures and behavior, its also visa versa. We have political party’s that support the mass murderer Erdogan. The EU commission destroys everything we loved, Religion destroy again everything we loved, the only option now is that the EU fall apart, its a shameless institution worse then the Soviet Union.

I will come back to this, I’m not done jet.





Media creates racism

Racism a hot topic always has be a hot topic. But now we see lot of protest against racism world wide. There is a different between culture and racism, but almost everything we read they call it racism. The media creates the perfect picture to conclude there is massive racism going on. Is it? I know for sure that color might not the problem but the culture differences we have on this world mixed up with other cultures creates problems and ‘fake’ racism. Religion as a example, there is war for centuries about my god is the true god. For me personal i have nothing against any color, only cultures and behaviors. The media has always a big part to create things that aren’t there, or not that much. Instead to solve we make things worst, and it does not stop today. The media will feed you about Covid and racism it will always continue to feed your emotions and behaving.

Just think for yourself