The definition of freedom of speech


The definition of freedom of speech is when you give your opinion about things without borders. We all want to be free in things what we say and think and do, so let get handle to it. Every opinion can harm others no matter the opinion. Its sick to think that when somebody says the holocaust has never existed. The person who says this out loud has the right to think and write that, its freedom of speech. Then you have the freedom to react on it, that is how it works. When you censoring opinions there are no bad examples left to the good examples. Most people are using there brains ‘i hope’ and some not. Let we not let things forbid by governments and other authorities. We have and must have the responsibility what we write on social media for example. When somebody write hate messages then its…

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Kika: Nu een bescheiden donateur

This is a dutch article the translation can be found at the bottom of the article.

Ik ben inmiddels een bescheiden donateur van Kika en ik heb veel meer ideeën liggen om kika verder te helpen. Kika Doppen is een onderdeel waar door je plastic doppen spaart en zodoende het kan recyclen en de opbrengst naar Kika gaat. Het is belangrijk dat elk kind met of zonder deze ziekte (Kanker) een goed en een gezond leven kan hebben, daarom zet ik mij in voor Kika, en eigenlijk voor alle kinderen. Er zijn triest genoeg ook al veel kinderen overleden aan deze ziekte en er zijn genoeg kinderen die hun 12ste verjaardag nooit halen zullen. Toch voor de steun aan Kika kunnen deze kinderen toch nog in hun laatste momenten gelukkig zijn. Het is triest, maar we kunnen niet onder die realiteit vandaan dat veel kinderen dood gaan aan kanker. Daarom is het ook zo belangrijk dat Kika er is voor deze kinderen.

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Every year the same hypocrite thing

Me from 1986, we every year must remember the last world war. Can we stop this please? Why do we have every year having a memorial about that? The first 25 years i agree to do this. Its useless to continue having these memorial days. I have not make the war, have not killed someone, and i am not responsible for this war. To think about war in general, on many places like now there is war (most of the time in name of religion) its all indoctrination this stupid memorials its freaking more then 75 years ago. So i do never stand up for this day, freedom day in a capitalistic system where we all are slaves to the system, no thank you. I see the hypocrisy in all of it. We are not free! We are ants for the rich, the rich using politicians to get more control over us. The system is in total a massive lie, we are all prisoners in our country. Indoctrinated by media, religion, politicians, and so we can continue this list. And let me clear things out 1933 /1945 was a terrible time for this world, it is terrible that 6 million Jews are murdered in gas cambers and that people where murdered because they did not fit the German standards. Still, its more then 75 years ago, lot of people and other generations are not responsible for this tragedy.

We are not free, we are occupied by the rich in a aggressive capitalistic system.

Religion The Resistance for free thinking

People and believing in fictional gods and angels and devils. When do you exactly grow up? Lot of people never! They still believing in a sort of religion, and there starts the problem we have world wide. People are desperate to believe this world is created by god in actually 6 days! where he takes on Sunday a day off. People are afraid of death and afraid what happens when they die. There are things in life that are not granted by anyone when you die, you die so simply is that. But lets talk about the brainwashing effect religion has, and how many people are being killed by war, genocide, stolen land, by religion. Countless wars are being battled in history and in fucking even now! It continue, it does not stop. In my point of view religion must be forbidden and all people that don’t want to turn back in reality need a strong lesson in reality. All those believers are in-direct and direct responsible what religion does to this world. You as believer are responsible for the many deaths of innocent children, because you keep a story in life that is far away from reality. Religion is mass murder, so believers are mass murderers to keep this fiction in stand, and there for i will hate you forever.

The system break eventually

The capitalistic system we know, will end, it can not sustain, it is not based on happiness of human life’s. Its based on making money only. Me and many others want more socialism in this world, we want more happiness. We can not achieve that, while we still continue to run for the rich people. We are in this system, we are living in it, and its very hard to break it. Remember that the capitalistic system is everywhere, news, education, public opinion, media in general, religion, we can not escape it. Its time that all communistic and socialistic people are standing up and re-unite! It is already happening, more and more countries go to the left side of their political wishes, for me there is no side. I want a mix between China, Russia, North Korea, and China, Cuba, Vietnam, with a little mix of capitalism. It will now never work, all people are brainwashed in their system where they can not breakout of it. Lot of things are possible when we admit the great reset, and not that great reset you hear about. They system will collapse because socialism is stronger and humaner. We in the dutch have the NCPN might i am vert to radical for it. But i will investigate it further. Read my blog, read it with a open mind, this little piece of typed writing says nothing when you do not know my context.

Its time for a ice age

Yes me and you have hear about the great reset. Some rich assholes that want to transform the world in to their desires. It will not change they think it will be. What we need is a ice age to reset this world. Back to basic, back to the start. And yes with mine desires. No more religion, no more war, no more discrimination in all its forms. No more discrimination of sexuality or race, or color. I feel the need to repeat it, because we are going a way we can never can turn back anymore. The basics in this world is corrupted by religion and wrong standard morals. There is only crisis when you started one and tell it further. People tell story’s different to each other, that creates more story’s. When one men kill one men, 10 people are being told he has killed 2 men. We have to stop to tell lies and learning us lies, like religion does. I feel so much towards this world because they can’t accept me who i am. And that is because story’s people tel each other and hearing it from the ‘news’ media is not telling news they are telling what you want to hear. So yes i want a great reset, but not because of some corrupt and stinky rich guys.

A new ice age! Reset this world ‘again’!

The great reset is not connected with Covid19

Klaus Schwab use covid to influence people with propaganda about the great reset (new world order) below you will see the reality of how they use Covid to spread word about the great reset, they are misleading lot of people. Watch here!

Me on Twitter: World economic forum: Is a sick community that don’t live in reality. Stop listing to this crap! First it was the new world order now it is the great reset AND THEY USE COVID FOR IT! those two things have nothing to do with each other.

The 5 riches people want to reset the world: they use Covid19 as an instrument to spread their words. Covid 19 has nothing to do with the great reset, they only use it!

Breaking regular updates: Riots in many city’s in the Netherlands

Yep its like war (War is a big word) in my country. In many city’s there is many reported violence and plundering of stores and massive destruction of buildings and windows, and all other things.

These city’s are reported #Breda #Deventer #Nijmegen #Amsterdam #Brunssum #Rotterdam #Utrecht #Leiden #Hoofddorp #DenBosch #Roermond #Purmerend #Arnhem #Roosendaal #Zwolle #Helmond #Groningen #Denhaag #Haarlem #Den Haag

Because of the lock down and a evening clock young people are outraged and seeking confrontations with the dutch police. Young people are desperate and seeking something to do and between all of that, there is also the discussion about the truth about Covid-19.

The cost (Because of destruction) of shop owners and all other property will not be covered by insurance companies they have said today. So they have it already very difficult and now this.

I do not allow violence and chaos and terrorizing the good people of this country.


The intense pressure on Children

In time of crisis everyone complains about children that has missed so many lessons on school. The future slaves of our capitalistic system yelling that children are behind of school and what it has damaged the children in there growing up. We are living in a very sick system that put so many pressure on children that it makes me more then only angry. Give them space to learn, give them more freedom to learn about them self’s and others. Drilling children to perform will result in angry future adults and will make more mistakes then ever. Capitalism is obsessed with making money and all children must be prepared to do so. We need to get rid of Capitalism or better mixed with socialism and communism, so we have 3 systems in one that made it more humane. Children are victims, all children are victims of growing adults that destroys children’s childhood, the system is there responsible for, you with children are there responsible for. Give children logic reasons to work on them self’s with any pressure of the system.