My blog 16 april 1 year old

I am proud on my blog ‘because’ its my personal opinion about the world and glad i can tell my opinion on my blog here. I have more then 50 Followers and more then 1500 active readers on my blog. I do this not because i want followers or want to be read, i do this because i feel i must write about what i feel and think.

But still thank you all for reading i will continue writing in 2021/2022 its a paid blog so i will continue to do.


I do not accept when you pressure me to accept

You may not ask to be accepted, you will be accept when you do normal about it. Its a social media thing asking for acceptation for Trans genders or LHTBI in general. Why do you ask me that, why are you so different then other humans? We all are humans with all different feelings or standard feelings. Some feelings might be wrong and some feelings are a little bit crazy, but that is to be human, you can not ask someone to accept you who you are. I hate it when i see it when it is trendy on Twitter for example. If you continue to see yourself as the weaker people, people will always put you in the corner with the other ‘minorities’ you lower yourself to ask for acceptation. Its the same of the black communities as well, you can not put racist on every white peoples head. As always there is always on source that keep this theme alive MEDIA yep they like to create fights in societies they do look like it if there is a race war going on, they do want you to think there is a massive racist problem, all things you hear are mostly created public opinions by media. Never take anything for true see around, look everywhere and the problem is not that big.

Think for your self.

The 3 mass murderers

How can they live with the burden that hey have killed so many innocent people. Assad has used chemical weapons against his own citizens. He still get the support from Russia and how much i appreciate Russia i hate the fact that they support him. Israel that country that has illegally occupying land since 1948 and killed many of the owners called the Palestinians. Fiction state Israel commit many crimes and the United states keep there hands above them. Hamas is forced because of the occupation, this things happens and how much i disagree with the violence Netanyahu is responsible for so many murders. And here we have Turkey that has a very very shadow roll in ISIS and the blackmail deal with the European union. Erdogan is called the modern dictator of his country, his army killed many of kurdisch people. His army is aggressive in other country’s like…

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8: Children

See manifest

In my point of view, children are most important so we have to learn them realistic thoughts, not fairy tails. People must stop indoctrinating children, it is abuse of the highest categorize. Children need to fall and then to learn, its how life works. Stop over protecting children if you not even can protect your own citizens. Stop pressure children to perform, stop to steal there youth. Do see lot of over protecting that will not help children in the future, it will be a disaster for the future if you continue lying to your children. Children want to change gender? Then something must be wrong with your kid, you can not change your gender. Its unhappy because this world demands so much off them. The problem is not gender but this world, this capitalistic system. Children can only be happy if you free them form this capitalistic system. Children are not stupid and most of the time smarter then you.

7: Education and Health Care

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All people on earth deserve good education and health care no doubts about that! Only non religious people deserve this because religious people they have their God that will heal them. We see so many terrible things happen on this earth and what the rich does is not enough, the still haves billions to spend. All people deserve good education that is free everyone has the right to specialize them in things. We can not tolerate that people are dying because lack of money, there is enough money for all! In mine socialism nobody get rich and nobody get poor. We need free education for everyone, we need free health care for everyone. Those who believe in their magical god can go to hell.

Extra Disclaimer

The Resistance for free thinking manifest

1: Disclaimer does not replace the original disclaimer of this blog!

Everything i am writing is in name of my free speech. I am not responsible for your feelings about this or what you think about this. This is pure my vision on how the works must look like. There is not a intention to seek violence or to be violent, this is in name of free speech and everything what I am saying is my personal view, I am not responsible for actions, or anything else related to this manifest. This manifest contains (in your world) Hate speech, setting up violent actions, and inhumane opinions towards people in general. If you don’t want to read then don’t read!

I’m not a sheep, so i do not follow

How is that be going? To be indoctrinated by governments and religions? Those things are being important to so much people that they forget to live and to have a own opinion of them self. If you are a normal citizen like me, we all sucked up by governments and law, there is no escaping ‘this’ society. Me personally hate this world, hate the theater people play to be important or to be something they don’t are. A free world without massive eyes that track you everywhere you are going. Get work, get kids, get friends, it sounds to me so coordinated and indoctrinated by a force that only sees economic value in you. I believe we are more then only slaves to this world, but its difficult, for so many people to get out of line and think about there simple life they have. Media, news papers are their…

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The source where you hear your news from is your problem

Lot of people still ignore the fact that they are feeded by a story that’s is written in thousands of different context, its a total mess when it comes to ‘news’ and try to get informed. Media is responsible for all that happens in the world, a little group of people have doubts what they read, and a massive whole group take it for granted.

People seems to not get it, my advise is that you must question everything what you read or believe. And what you see is the truth. The media is a dangerous tool that you might not can, and will understand, I’m only warning you when you judge others based on what you have read.

Just some tweets here that describe in my opinion how dangerous media is.

A neutral news source is better for all of us. Now we have thousands of sources that are…

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