brainwashed by religion

Yes a religion post this time!

People and believing in fictional gods and angels and devils. When do you exactly grow up? Lot of people never! They still believing in a sort of religion, and there starts the problem we have world wide. People are desperate to believe this world is created by god in actually 6 days! where he takes on Sunday a day off. People are afraid of death and afraid what happens when they die. There are things in life that are not granted by anyone when you die, you die so simply is that. But lets talk about the brainwashing effect religion has, and how many people are being killed by war, genocide, stolen land, by religion. Countless wars are being battled in history and in fucking even now! It continue, it does not stop. In my point of view religion must be forbidden and all people that don’t want to turn back in reality need a strong lesson in reality. All those believers are in-direct and direct responsible what religion does to this world. You as believer are responsible for the many deaths of innocent children, because you keep a story in life that is far away from reality. Religion is mass murder, so believers are mass murderers to keep this fiction in stand, and there for i will hate you forever.

Everyone can be dangerous

There is no escaping the fact we all have anger in us. We all have limits and boundaries. Everyone can kill, can rape, can steal, can drive to red light and so go on. Not always are labels a good time to place them on people because most acts are not the definition of the part of the crime. Most common mistakes about for example pedophiles that they are raping children and only that is what they want to do. Most abuse of children are being by family those are really the statics round 80% of raped children is because a family member. Street rape, are not very common and that are people that can not be labeled then only psychically insane. Child porn is a other matter, people with feelings they can ‘t talk about, people having no other way to express their feelings, for most count that people with feelings for children is a growing obsession for child porn, feelings are going to be a obsession. Its difficult in a society, that don ‘t understand the matter. But enough off this.

Everyone has the potential to do wrong, its simply life. Not all people are good, and even good people can do wrong things. We are living in a very judgmental world where everyone thinks they know it all, most of them just repeat what others are saying. People that murder in name of religion, or in name of ideology, you can not stop it! There are always individuals like Breivik to do things that most people not even can think about. Anger, feelings are emotions and every emotion must be heard and not be judged before you even know what is really happening.

Nicky Verstappen (Dutch article)

Translation (ENG)

Deze zaak maakt mij intens verdrietig vooral ook om dat deze zaak al 22 jaar slopend is voor de familie van Nicky. En zelfs daarna zal deze wond nooit dichten. Ik was er niet bij toen hij werd vermoord, ik heb dus geen andere gedachten gang dat wat ik voorbij zie komen in de media. Maar het mag duidelijk zijn dat Jos B zijn sporen op nicky doen vermoeden wat de familie vermoed, of sterker nog zij zijn ervan overtuigd dat Jos B Nicky heeft vermoord en misbruikt. Als dit zo is volgens de rechter dan hoort deze man nooit meer vrij te komen, en verdient dan ook wat ik hier eerder scheef de dood-straf, of een straf dat hij lang zal herinnerd worden aan wat hij heeft gedaan met het 11 jarige jochie die in de bloei van zijn leven was. Mijn handen jeuken als ik deze video zie die op 7 Oktober verscheen op Youtube de ouders en familie hadden spreek recht en hebben daar gebruik van gemaakt.

Ik wens de familie de waarheid

Ik wens de familie geluk voor in de toekomst

Ik wens dat de dader nooit meer vrij komt en elke dag herinnerd moet worden aan wat hij een 11 jarige jochie heeft aangedaan.

The 3 mass murderers

How can they live with the burden that hey have killed so many innocent people. Assad has used chemical weapons against his own citizens. He still get the support from Russia and how much i appreciate Russia i hate the fact that they support him. Israel that country that has illegally occupying land since 1948 and killed many of the owners called the Palestinians. Fiction state Israel commit many crimes and the United states keep there hands above them. Hamas is forced because of the occupation, this things happens and how much i disagree with the violence Netanyahu is responsible for so many murders. And here we have Turkey that has a very very shadow roll in ISIS and the blackmail deal with the European union. Erdogan is called the modern dictator of his country, his army killed many of kurdisch people. His army is aggressive in other country’s like Syria and Azerbaijan in the war against Armenia (which Turkey has a history with Armenia, they killed 1,5 million people many years ago (the genocide they call it) Its time to bring them to international court, or better the dead penalty for all 3.

Marc Dutroux: Deserve the Dead penalty

Child murderer Marc Dutroux wants to be free, psychiatrist are looking if he is changed. If you ask me, this monster has no rights to live anymore. He has murdered children in a most sadistic way. His sexual frustration has flooded other people and they are being labeled that all people with certian feelings are like Marc Dutroux. I do not agree that all people that has feelings for children want to rape them, to kill them, and whatever sick-minds want to do with children. Most people with feelings for children has no intention ever to abuse of traumatizing children. I have already written a article about the Dead penalt here on my blog. Proved murder must be punished with the dead penalty. People who abuse children has no other right then burn in jail. Its absurd that men talk about his freedom, he will never survive, and if people know where he lives, he will be dead in no time. And can you blame them? Murdering children is the lowest to the lowest you can do, and it deserve a strong punishment.

Read more about this monster on Wikipedia

Dead penalty

Its a hard debate among people, are you for, or against the dead penalty. It exist not for nothing and is meant to punish people that has taken others life’s. In a modern society its inhumane to punish people with the dead penalty, still the fact is that this person has take another life. Basically you have not the right to live anymore. Others says let him rot in jail for the rest of this persons life, but it cost money, it occupy s a place in jail, it makes friends, it laughs and has no regret of his actions that has cost others life. Just want to say if you murder someone you have no right to live your life, not even behind bars, so the dead penalty is the righteous to do so. Only with 100 % evidence not less ‘the system still makes many faults’ but murder is murder you deserve dead. It only counts when you take a life.