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A first note: I’m not perfect and I’m fully aware that i can make mistakes with my spelling in certain words and articles. If you see one please don’t hesitate to inform me on Gab: https://gab.com/Nahtalska

I am a person that hate mainstream media, i have always have been a activist for lot of controversial taboo subjects. I have feelings for small and large people, i want that everyone see the lie they living and how hypocrite our world is. I am 34 years old and stand for realistic thinking. Have a large open mind, i can think free without judge others.

My political wishes are very controversial because many will not understand it. But the system we all living in can not sustain, we all driven to a total control system where we all loses our freedom to speak and do, and think. A democratic world can not exists with so many people, with so many different cultures and religions. One system, one party, one understanding how to live your life without any borders. A system based on happiness and luck, without religion and without a system that is relying only on money making.

#Religion has no place in my world, its fiction and it has nothing to do in the reality we living in. #Atheism i am using as a term to battle believers and religious people. Its not a religion and its not a ideology. Its a word close to the definition of reality, that is me and you, nothing else exist then what you can see with your own eyes! 

#Media is a dangerous medium that are payed by governments and the rich people, i do not allow mainstream media, rational thinking and approach everything objective where i can. Do not believe everything they say, think for your self!

#Children are the future don’t feed them with lies, don’t use them as future economic objects. Children need to be free in what they do, and to explore the world in there own ways.


This special bio will be updated once in a time.

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