Are you open minded? If yes then stay, if no, then leave now. I don’t have to explain everything but will tell you this. My begin of life was terrible, now (35) from 30 to 35 I am beginning with living my own life. Nobody tells me what to do or what to think, I follow my own path I do not choose a path I follow my own path. Don ‘t tell me what to do, because I don’t care what you wanna tell me. I hate mainstream media, I hate the sheep’s of this world, I hate the rich of this world, I hate most of all people. Why? Because you can not trust them our rely on them, capitalism has made them all weak and how much more it indoctrinates, how more weaker the capitalistic society becomes. Because you see flags on my blog does not tell that I am happy with those countries, but for certain I have some special feelings for those countries. You can place it what ever you want, I do really not care what you think about me, I have no time what you care about me or again, what you think about me. Yes my English is terrible! Yes I know! But working on that aspect. I am living in a institution because I can be very difficult, and I am not easy to deal with. The only people who has a place in my heart are children (the not jet indoctrinated) young people JET! That is a group where my heart belongs in many ways. Fill in what you want, again I do not care.

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