Hungary does what is necessary

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Its most absurd that we live in a world where children can have a sex change. Children are not capable to decide that they have born in a wrong body. If i think about it, it makes me angry that people allow that children are born in a wrong body. Its simple in this world, you are men or a woman. Its not normal that children are being brainwashed by there surrounding that they are different and that they are born in a wrong body. Children need to accept them self with all they are born with. If they want to change them self then let them decide when they are adult. Psychical, and fysical change on young age is just sick, and we adults should not support that. The part that Hungary also wants to forbid propaganda about homosexuality is a thing i do not agree with them. But the part about children i find necessary to do, what the hell are we doing? How crazy must society are to accept this.