Hungary does what is necessary

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Its most absurd that we live in a world where children can have a sex change. Children are not capable to decide that they have born in a wrong body. If i think about it, it makes me angry that people allow that children are born in a wrong body. Its simple in this world, you are men or a woman. Its not normal that children are being brainwashed by there surrounding that they are different and that they are born in a wrong body. Children need to accept them self with all they are born with. If they want to change them self then let them decide when they are adult. Psychical, and fysical change on young age is just sick, and we adults should not support that. The part that Hungary also wants to forbid propaganda about homosexuality is a thing i do not agree with them. But the part about children i find necessary to do, what the hell are we doing? How crazy must society are to accept this.

Fake is everywhere

Everything we do is programmed by your government and the system we live in. The capitalistic pressure is enormous. Its al about social status and the amount of money we have. Everything we do is about money our social status, we are not behaving like individuals, but as slaves from our system. How can we think for our self when everything already is think about it by the ‘system’ this inhumane system put lot of pressure on children to be ready for the next generation of slaves of this capitalistic system. Not only slavery, but the system wants to control everything and everyone. How more we are programmed, how more we do not think anymore. For example the Covid pandemic has shown how controlled we are by media and governments. How many more proof you want that this system is inhumane and very dangerous is. Covid pandemic has shown how many people rely on media, and do not see the danger they in fact are. How can we think for our self when the majority can not? The group self thinking people are tiny and can nothing do then watch how the system destroys us.

Social media: Not my place anymore

The indoctrinated people on social media are getting me frustrated. The side that believe in conspiracy theories, and the side that let them be indoctrinated by governments and religion. All are not my interest and i am done with these people. I am a rare individual that has a way other thinking and thoughts, i do not fit in to both sides. Just like the term left or right, i do not belong to one of the sides. I am different and have a huge distance between society and myself. So i have closed all my social media accounts and live without it. The only place where i am writing is here on my blog. I do not feel to post anymore on social media. People are terribly indoctrinated, and arguments are not working anymore. I have not the intention to discuss this matter, please read my blog with a open mind.

Before you judge

Yes i am a communist, not a old one, but a modern one. Just like to see that we all are accepted and can live without judging. I want a better world with no war in it, i want a world with no hunger anymore, i want to dismantle groups between rich and poor, there is no rich and poor. That are some points that made me a communist. Also i see how the capitalistic system destroys their own society, and setting people against each other. No, you do not have to tell me that communism in its true form will not work in this world. We live now this way and we can not go back to the basic anymore. People are afraid of communism without a normal argument. We all want the same thing, peach! And we all want to live a happy life. Me just want more sharing and be accepted by who i am (you) are. I do not want a dictatorship i do not want an isolated country, i want peach everywhere in this world. No more pressure to perform for the money, no more slavery for this capitalistic system, no more pressure on children on schools. So yes already told you that i am a communist, but i have never murdered people, and i have nothing to do with communistic history. Think about it, is it there a true communistic history? People are judging me and blame me for deeds i have never committed or ever will commit. I just want a different and a humane system where everyone can be its self, with no rich or poor label.