Congratulations VVD, Sad about PVV

17th of march we had elections the results are in my opinion anti Russia party’s and pro American party’s as well pro EU party’s. There is no need for panic but only doubts. I do accept the elections, but I’m not happy with it. Right side has won, left has massive loss and for me its not important right our left, but the amount of the loss for left is not normal.

Who won

VVD 36

D66 24

those 2 party’s has won it with huge different amount then 4 years ago. Anti EU party’s PVV has lost, and FVD has won. those 2 party’s are pro Russia.

I do say that media has huge amount of part in taken votes to right party’s the media is one of the dangerous things in our life’s that affect lot of important things. We loss, but we will continue. For me its already a knowing fact that in the Netherlands there are not a single one party where i can agree with. So i do not feel a total loss our a total win. Just living in a country that has not my political opinions. My opinion will never change Pro Russia Pro communism Pro socialism Pro republic anti EU. I do not blame voters, i do not blame political party’s, i do blame the situation where we live in, in this world the anti Russia sound, anti communism sound we can accept and respect others political views, without be judgmental.

See here the political stats from the Netherlands: Press