What way are we going?

Nobody will remember year 2021 its just a year where we live in now, and in 2050 nobody talks about it anymore. We humans have never the capacity to make the world a better place. We are destroying our self with or intolerant behavior. We make from elections a big show and theater, but we forgot to learn how to lead our self! We can describe 2020 as terrible, people make other racist, people think only in terms of racism, and all politics are being brainwashed by you! and that media you are creating. For example: Men saves child, he is a hero! Pedophile saves child, he must die that rapist bastard. You know you all are a joke indoctrinated by the system, you can not think for yourself anymore. What is needed that you can think for your self? I hate this world, i hate media, i hate sheep’s the follow each other blindness. When do you wake up? When do you realize you living in a big Truman show? Still there are people that believes in a god that has shape this world, centuries people still believes in fairy tails and in pure fiction. No matter way i ask myself that, still think this world can be waked, but till that time you have to wake up.