Lets check in to reality

I have never believed in conspiracy theories, i do not believe what people and media tells me. Because its not a realistic source. Media always write things what you want to read or want to hear. Politicians are trying to distract you from real world problems, the media ignore real world problems. Social media is not a source to understand difficult things, its a army that can believe anything they read or hearing. Populism leads to placing people in groups, its a form of brainwashing that has affected me to. I have stopped to listen, and only listen to people that makes common sense. I do defend freedom of speech, and everyone has the right to speech, to write, and to believe what they want to believe. But we need to listen to reason, we need to filter unrealistic thinking and the people that talk good stuff and discuss and have opinions about realistic things. Just keep in mind that media and politicians have a different agenda, populism and creating distractions in society is a huge problem that i am seeing everywhere.

Things has radicalize me

Going back to myself, this year i was very radical about Muslim people and people outside the Netherlands. The problem start with media and politic populism, creating groups, and separating people from others. I do now know that i was wrong and filled with bad thoughts about people. I do not allow racism and if i have ever shown symptoms, then i am sorry for that, that is not me. Now i am me, everyone deserve a good life and everyone deserve to live in peach. Still i can never accept religion, but i do respect others that has a religion. Bad people are everywhere and in every country and in every religions, but they do not presenting whole people or country’s or religions. Still i do not accept Israel, still i do not accept the genocide on Palestinians and kurdisch people, and never can accept Israel. Society and media has for a small period brainwashed me with very nationalistic thoughts, i will never accept them anymore, because all people that lives in our country are valuable, every human deserve a place, country to live in.

Covid vaccine

First note: I am not denying Covid, i am only place questions about it. I do not know anything for sure, its just my opinion.

First is covid real? Yes it is, but it is not the killer virus the media tells us. We are all made hysterical by the media and governments. There was no control to inform people the right way, 1000ousends of media sources take there chances to make success of the Covid story. The media has a huge responsibility it seems for lot of people that take everything for granted. So the hysteria is complete. After tons of new rules, lock downs, and all other things you have seen of heard of experienced we now come to the solution, a vaccine for Covid19. We battle against cancer/Hiv and the flu but no vaccine for that, but in a short year they have created a vaccine for covid19. That leaves me with lot of questions. I do not trust Pharmaceuticals because of capitalistic motives, but can we trust this new vaccine? And do it works as they say? I do not think in conspiracy theories because it can be fake as the whole covid virus. So massive vaccine programs will be started, but what when you deny the vaccine? What will happen then i ask myself. They will do everything to let you take the vaccine, laws and constitution will be over written by new laws and constitutions. Difficult it is, who do you trust, who can be trusted and why do you reject of take the vaccine?

You are scared for the open minded

Open minded people are mostly people that confront you, and are very critical about life in general. If you have a lot of baggage you will understand this, if you think free without thinking then most people are afraid of you. Religion is just a perfect example, keep the story rolling, and al what others saying are blasphemies. In other words, religion is afraid that their story that has being told not can be proved with real evidence. In fact their story can not be proved, because fiction is not real, and realistic people can not believe in such things as ghost, devils, god, angels, its Hollywood material. A public opinion is not created by people, but by the media, and the media plays with humans emotions to let them realize of a danger that is in fact not a danger at all. I am using definitions to label and to judge, not what others tells me. We free thinkers and the open minded ignore the public opinion, and we ignore the morals people has created. I am not a person that are being afraid of what people tells me, or what they feel, or what they do. It only will be a problem when the law is broken, how much i disagree with the law, i can not support all things people do. Talking, and feelings are different and difficult for so many people, they are controlled by its system, the mass media, wrong definitions, and the feeling to judge everyone. I can never be controlled, my thoughts can never be controlled, i will always say what i want to say, no matter how difficult it will be.

An end means a new beginning

Responsibility, feelings, worries are coming together end of 2010 for someone that i find special. She was just 10 years old and we had very difficulty to understand each other, that does not mean there wasn’t a connection, because there was a such huge connection. Let me clear things out, i traveled a lot between 2009/2015 and have connect with lot of people young and old, but this girl spring the most out of it. She was different, and i do recognize that because i am also different. We had contact on a weird way, still it was fun but the family was not that good as for most children in that country. After a few days she was gone and till now i know that this story is over, because she did not want contact with me (last week), 10 years later, much has changed, she is changed, the world has changed, so who know what others are telling to her about this controversial ‘friendship’ 10 years of worries, feelings, and the responsibility that she is happy and healthy. But that has ended today, she is grown up and make their own decisions and i do respect that. We can talk and thinking why, but that is not important anymore, what is done is done, still she have always a place, but the worries are gone and this book is finally closed. Sad? Yes, but this is life, all story’s need a end to begin new stories.

Love is terrible and beautiful at the same time

Love is a powerful emotion and feeling that drain your energy out of you. Me personal when i am in love it will never be over, i have not learn to close the book, if you al understand what i am trying to tell. Love is something that has not always to do with sexuality, its not the same, its different. I have problems with forbidden love, with one side way love, and its frustrating i can not get over it. So love is for me at the moment really frustrating, because why do i think about a girl from 10 years ago? Why do i want if she still remembers me? It goes deeper, with girlfriends from my childhood, i never seem to able to close the book, still feel so much love that it hurts, because i know she does not has the same feeling anymore. Love can be beautiful when you are at the same line, but when it ends the love does not disappear it always still there. So what is the solution? I am afraid there is no one.

Ont thing for sure love for someone can ‘t get away, it will be always part of you.