You are scared for the open minded

Open minded people are mostly people that confront you, and are very critical about life in general. If you have a lot of baggage you will understand this, if you think free without thinking then most people are afraid of you. Religion is just a perfect example, keep the story rolling, and al what others saying are blasphemies. In other words, religion is afraid that their story that has being told not can be proved with real evidence. In fact their story can not be proved, because fiction is not real, and realistic people can not believe in such things as ghost, devils, god, angels, its Hollywood material. A public opinion is not created by people, but by the media, and the media plays with humans emotions to let them realize of a danger that is in fact not a danger at all. I am using definitions to label and to judge, not what others tells me. We free thinkers and the open minded ignore the public opinion, and we ignore the morals people has created. I am not a person that are being afraid of what people tells me, or what they feel, or what they do. It only will be a problem when the law is broken, how much i disagree with the law, i can not support all things people do. Talking, and feelings are different and difficult for so many people, they are controlled by its system, the mass media, wrong definitions, and the feeling to judge everyone. I can never be controlled, my thoughts can never be controlled, i will always say what i want to say, no matter how difficult it will be.