My short story

Most people that has read here, knows about my feelings for children. And this are not feelings like sexual only, its so much more then most people think and read in our most trusted judging media. My life? An alcoholic abusive family that put me away in child institutions, psychically abuse, the worst kind of family you can even imagine. 15 years in a institution and still are! In 2008 my activism put me in a dark and dark book that you can not also imagine. Put myself in the line to try others understand certain feelings, but its not easy to stand in-line where others abusing children in the matter i always have take distance from it. My intentions are separate feelings and deeds, real feelings for children includes never abuse them, never harm them, and try to protect them, that is my definition of my feelings. But so many people coming in to the news and are classified with this feelings that has nothing to do with my definition of feelings. And every time i feel the responsibility to correct it, i am not them, i do or have never think about that kind of things. The problem is if one hooligan is violence then all others are also. There is no more separation, we all get labeled and we all must suffer from others deeds. Still now after 15 years of alcohol abuse and scars from trowing away outside the society, i still see how many children are being abused in many forms! How they become the future slave of this capitalistic system. Me i can do nothing anymore then only write about it. It has broke me, it has damage me, but i never stop feeling for the ones they deserved to feel. I have not the intention to write about it, but sometimes i need to, and think i am more then only that, read my blog, read read and you will see i am not that person that media tells you. My mission will never change, to be there for all children, to give them a happy life, to let them know how this world works. And all people that abuse children must be terminated, because i am not them and they are not me!

If you have questions do not shame to ask them.