Love is terrible and beautiful at the same time

Love is a powerful emotion and feeling that drain your energy out of you. Me personal when i am in love it will never be over, i have not learn to close the book, if you al understand what i am trying to tell. Love is something that has not always to do with sexuality, its not the same, its different. I have problems with forbidden love, with one side way love, and its frustrating i can not get over it. So love is for me at the moment really frustrating, because why do i think about a girl from 10 years ago? Why do i want if she still remembers me? It goes deeper, with girlfriends from my childhood, i never seem to able to close the book, still feel so much love that it hurts, because i know she does not has the same feeling anymore. Love can be beautiful when you are at the same line, but when it ends the love does not disappear it always still there. So what is the solution? I am afraid there is no one.

Ont thing for sure love for someone can ‘t get away, it will be always part of you.