Stop hunting people

Discussions about pedophilia are highly taboo do you have or experience any problems with this then i can lead you to professionals. Because its important you are safe and others are safe.

Lets starts with the fact society has a obsession with pedophilia yes its very wrong to abuse children in anyway our in any form. People has to stop for playing judge, you are not the law, you are not the person to do this kind of things. Playing as a minor is not done either! So in theory the person who thinks you are a minor has no specific done anything that is forbidden by law. People with feelings for children are not all animals or criminal or anything else. People who do terrible things to children are not pedophiles at all, and most pedophiles has not the intention to hurt children. Society made it very difficult for people with feelings for children, its better that they have help instead of a witch hunt, that do not solve anything then creating violence. If you want something to do for children then think about what you can do to make it a better place for them in line of the law. So as i am already has told in a earlier article, people are blaming everyone and call everyone pedophiles what is in my definition not a pedophile. If you want a better world, then start with your self! I do not accept hunting people, i do never accept that others playing judge.