We repeating history

No we are not perfect, and we are not always recognize our mistakes. Mistakes are part of life, and sometimes you don’t can be forgiven for the mistakes you have committed. Me for example have made tons of mistakes but everything has a story, its not always that simple. Now we are living in a world where everyone want to live without mistakes, to be perfect. When you think you want to be perfect just then you will make mistakes. Religion is a mistake to believe in, but when you have sex 20 years ago the person can now have problems with it. So everything in the past can you see as a mistake, but in that time it was different it was not a mistake. Do you see where i am want to go? This world is weird, we talk about problems that has not a issue 20 years ago. What is the intention to forbid cultures we love 20 years ago, what is the intention to want it forbidden now? Racism, is just not getting worse it always has been what it is. All sexual feelings already existed, why do you want now be recognized by it? We repeating history, and every time we do it makes things worse and difficult.