Setting up crowdfunding

Its my intention to setting up a sort of crowdfunding for children with terminal illness. Specially for children with cancer. Its has always been a idea that everyday crawling in my mind. Its not for my moral, its not for me, its for the children that deserve more then only care. The crowdfunding will be public and all the money go straightaway to the children. The intention is to bring them personally so everyone see that money are being good spent. My donation will be every year round 500 euro, because i find it important that children be helped and give them that extra they so much deserve. The intention is to give the money to children the last week of the year and going to the hospitals to give them what they deserve.

Just let you know that i am planning this (End this year i am going to give more information about this project of mine) The intention is to start 1 January 2021 with the crowdfunding.

Please stay tuned for this!

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