For the common good!

This is a message to al hackers that are active to do bad to others. And a message to hackers that do good things. I do not sit still after being hacked several days ago, i do not accept it! I have spoken to some hackers but they ask ridiculous amount of money to hack for the good. Let me say this you are not hacking for the good, i define you as bad also. Hackers that are trying to save the internet and protect it must form a army against those ‘bad hackers’ where are you? I do receive comments in private environments that are agree that hackers that do bad must be terminated from the web. I want proudly support all the hackers that are doing things for the common good, and please give me some lessons to learn the basic. I do not have intention to break a moral code, i want get rid of scams and hackers that are only want to hurt other people with their actions. We must unite! I do support you in every way.