Being healthy is al what you need

Take a closer look around you, all super stars are dying at young age. For example Maradona (60) famous and rich, died because of a heart attack. Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Georg Micheal, Amy Winehouse. Just some examples that has died at such young age. Money is not the way you gain happiness, being healthy is more important than being rich. Being poor is a more exited life with falls and ups, living healthy is not for all people necessary, if you see children dying at 7 because of cancer then you ask yourself why am i living now? If you stay away from drugs and alcohol do not matters if you get cancer well or not, you get it or you get it not. Still money is not the path to happiness, being rich will be boring when you have everything you wanted. If you get rich, then invest it in to hospitals, science, schools, and cures for deceases. Invest it in people that are not happy, invest it with your brain, and if you not become rich then you will be happier, and have a more exciting life.

Creating minorities

Its world againstviolencewoman day, it means they are different then other human beings. So is it how i see this, it must be againstallhumanviolence day. People has to stop to put others in the minority corner. This is one of the things why humanity fails, this is why groups are being judged and being threat like weaker, stronger or different then others. Humans are equal to each other, there is only one separation that a woman is a woman and a men is a men. But let me clear about this, its not this only the LGBT community also place them self in a minority corner, all kinds of groups put them self in a unnecessary position. Right and left politics are also groups to define what they think they are. Its human that we not like everyone, we can disagree with certain cultures and behaving. Its human to have feelings and difficult thoughts, but all in that we still are all humans.

Death is difficult to talk about

We are terrifying of dying and that is not a shame, its part of life. I thinking that we are not afraid to be death, but how we are going to die. Nobody wants a painfully death, and everyone want to dying in their sleep. But as we all know, most of the time you do not die in your sleep, mostly when you are sick, or a accident, our murdered by an army, dying from hunger, and so i can countless summing up lot of causes of death. The best way to die in mine opinion? Is so fast as it can, without being to notice your are going to die. As i know, this will not happening. We can not control dying, nobody can. Unless you have good doctors that want you to live. But when they give up, then you rest months to your death. So who wants that? It must be a right to get help dying when you are already dying, but then without pain of your illness. There is lot of controversial about this subject, and i ask myself why? If you can choose, then its your right to do so! If you hate life its also your right to get help to end your life without any discussion. I am just thinking freely and think what should be best for people. Religion calls it a sin to commit suicide, i think religion is fiction and has nothing to say how you live and how you die.

Life is unfair, it will never be fair

For the pass several weeks i am looking at YouTube to very sad story’s. Its not for my entertainment but looking further then only know about deadly deceases. When i am looking at it, then i have no other words then that this is a unfair world, life is unfair, nobody can assault nature of dying and deceases. For sure its more terrifying when you see that children are being terminally, and yes i have say lot of time in myself, why is this not me? I have live till now a rough life, where i deserved to be get sick. Then you see children with terminal cancer, then i can nothing do then feel sorry en glad they are out of pain. It does not matter how you live or when you live, there is no lottery in this, you get sick or you get not sick. We are like ants on this world, we all have story’s, we all have bad and happy moments, we die and live.

So for all that the fact this life is unfair i am sorry, no child deserve to die in not any circumstancing. Science is already far in many things, capitalism hold deceases cure still to make more money.

I want to pick one video out: Listen what she saying and i know your anger will be raising further by the minute you hear here story.

Please be aware that this girl has passed away

We repeating history

No we are not perfect, and we are not always recognize our mistakes. Mistakes are part of life, and sometimes you don’t can be forgiven for the mistakes you have committed. Me for example have made tons of mistakes but everything has a story, its not always that simple. Now we are living in a world where everyone want to live without mistakes, to be perfect. When you think you want to be perfect just then you will make mistakes. Religion is a mistake to believe in, but when you have sex 20 years ago the person can now have problems with it. So everything in the past can you see as a mistake, but in that time it was different it was not a mistake. Do you see where i am want to go? This world is weird, we talk about problems that has not a issue 20 years ago. What is the intention to forbid cultures we love 20 years ago, what is the intention to want it forbidden now? Racism, is just not getting worse it always has been what it is. All sexual feelings already existed, why do you want now be recognized by it? We repeating history, and every time we do it makes things worse and difficult.

Atheist unite!

Yes i am a radical atheist that do not believe in things we can not see or what be can not proved. Religion is nothing more then a sort of dress code for people that want to be good and needed laws. God is fiction to me, a man made brainwashing tool to indoctrinated the mass. Jesus a man that has a story like millions of other people, what made him so special to other humans? Walking over water? I do not buy this fantasy, because its physical not possible to do such things. Facts and reason, science cure people, praying does nothing, its spending time on ‘nothing’ something that is fake and all over the years becomes more faker. Its holding a story intact to tell it different to other generations. Sad enough people still buy this, and piece by piece the story fade out, and i help gladly to let it fade out. When we start wars not based on religion then that are the sings the world wake up slowly.

Atheism means for me: Living in reality, think in reality, deal with reality.

Setting up crowdfunding

Its my intention to setting up a sort of crowdfunding for children with terminal illness. Specially for children with cancer. Its has always been a idea that everyday crawling in my mind. Its not for my moral, its not for me, its for the children that deserve more then only care. The crowdfunding will be public and all the money go straightaway to the children. The intention is to bring them personally so everyone see that money are being good spent. My donation will be every year round 500 euro, because i find it important that children be helped and give them that extra they so much deserve. The intention is to give the money to children the last week of the year and going to the hospitals to give them what they deserve.

Just let you know that i am planning this (End this year i am going to give more information about this project of mine) The intention is to start 1 January 2021 with the crowdfunding.

Please stay tuned for this!

For the common good!

This is a message to al hackers that are active to do bad to others. And a message to hackers that do good things. I do not sit still after being hacked several days ago, i do not accept it! I have spoken to some hackers but they ask ridiculous amount of money to hack for the good. Let me say this you are not hacking for the good, i define you as bad also. Hackers that are trying to save the internet and protect it must form a army against those ‘bad hackers’ where are you? I do receive comments in private environments that are agree that hackers that do bad must be terminated from the web. I want proudly support all the hackers that are doing things for the common good, and please give me some lessons to learn the basic. I do not have intention to break a moral code, i want get rid of scams and hackers that are only want to hurt other people with their actions. We must unite! I do support you in every way.

Warning: Hackers everywhere (Protect yourself!)

Yes i have experience for the first time in my life that an account from me has being hacked. No surprise it happens at Google. Still there are many reports world wide that social media is a target. All platforms where google is related to are very serious target for hackers.

Please protect your account massively and don ‘t take it not serious because this is serious! Also your blog, your YouTube channel, and all other accounts.

Check your computer with the best software available

This tool has many tools with in it: please check it Repair toolbox Its safe to use!