It inspired me

When you see military material and personal marching in some videos. it gives me something, i can ‘t explain it right. Love to see these parades. It gives a strong signal to your enemies, its in someway to show your power to this world. I am against any form of violence, but still when you read and watch the world war 2 how Hitler and Germany almost take over the world its a fascinating thing how one simple men almost take over the whole world. Its a burden in German history, but there must be some point that we need to say you have pay your debts, for the victims it will never be. We can not live in the past to long. Its time Germany build a army again we need it as Europe are flooded with Islam extremism. Immigration, thanks to, ironic enough, to Germany to let them come in mass amounts to destroy our culture and traditions across Europe. So i love to see a Europe army to march in the streets of Berlin or whatever where in Europe. We need a strong force! Not against Russia, but against Islamic terror, keep Islam out of Europe!