So are we free?

The true definition of freedom means to me to say things, thinking about things and do things without any borders. How free are we? We are free within a system that are prepared for people that have a different opinions and thoughts. Within the system we are allowed to talk about anything, but the mass are leading the conversation about what is wrong or good. So are we free? The media tells you lot of things, the mass believe it, others question it, and others the minority take media not all that serious. If you have thoughts that are different from the mass then you risking your social status, your job, your family and your place in general in society. Those who follow the mass are being rewarded in social status, in his or here morality there is no escaping when you give in what others tells you. So are we free?

Capitalism is invented by the rich and are being controlled by the rich. Voting and democracy are just tools to keep the minority quiet. How bigger the minority becomes, how more devastated tools the rich going to use to keep you the minority.

So are we free in his true definition?