The future

How long can we going further without going to a 3e world war? How long can our system sustain this world. when is it the time to recognize that the world has started in a wrong way? We let religion in, but we do not let get it out. We our not solving world problems, we made it more complex, its to difficult to see the real problems. Children world wide are being abused by their system, or living in war, or living in bad country’s where health care are terrible. Do you never think about the time when you want children? Do you think this is a good time to have children? Its time for a different system, a different media, a different everything.

How are we going to fix this world?

4 thoughts on “The future

  1. Hi appreciate the feed back. I am trying to correct and learn to write my text better. It bother me that i make some mistakes in my text, but i will also let people notice that i am not perfect and trying to be good at what i am trying to do. Its not my native language and i mix sometimes dutch words with English. And there where it gets wrong. I am working on it everyday to improve. 🙂


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