WAKE UP world! Disband your religion

Syria, Yemen, Irak, parts of South Africa, do i forget one? Its chaos in these country’s because people are to lazy to do something about it. It do not help to pick refugees up and place them in Europe. We all see what kind of problems there are with these people. The deal with Turkey the deal with dictator Erdogan is one of the worst deal ever made! Russia has the cards in hands here, and have hate against Europe and his allies. Its sad because i see lot of potential in Russia, to be fair i love Russia. But we need to clean those country’s from his radical people like ISIS and more groups like that. Send and work together with Russia a military power to clean the streets from this indoctrinated Islam groups. The United States are always black mail Russia and creating conflicts between Europe and Russia. You are all blind and again, you follow blindness what media tells you AGAIN! with everything what media telling you, you behave like a sheep. But that part i have already told here so much.

Still religion proves that it kills people, to reset all those country’s we must interfere! A massive intervention to wipe out all people that radicalizing there religion, its time that no more children die from wars that are all based on religions, and most important children don’t causes war, people with a fiction god create all of this.

WAKE UP world, disband your religion and stand for a world without religion. If not, you are also responsible for all kills they made in name of religion.