The perfect world

I want a different world where everyone can live without war and other things where you can die from. We can not live for ever so we want it make it good. A world that is not based on money and beauty, but based on persons that all want to live a good life. People has make living difficult, people are making things difficult. The simple things we make difficult. If we can not do things that aren’t moralistic, then might its time to do something that we can still do in a other form. For everything is a solution, for everything there is a way. We have all primal needs, we have it and can not let it go. If you want a bigger television then don’ t watch bigger televisions. Don’t make it difficult for yourself. I want socialism with a mix of a one leader system. Someone that can provide a safe world, a safe place for all children, a place for everyone that feels different, black, white no matter the color. We must stand all for the same, not bound to religion or a system what we have right now.

So i think i can keep dreaming for that.