Society is a open prison

We are living in a society where we are very sensitive for what others saying en what we must do to live or life with happiness and stay healthy. People want to be told a lesson because they do not know the borders of freedom, and freedom is unlimited in the lines of the ‘law’ we don’t want any problems so we kept to the law. So we are all leaded by someone, religion, a leader, or politics in general. It always look like people are programmed to follow and believe things that they think is good enough for their life’s. Its a problem, with so many people, with so many cultures and religions its difficult to find balance in society. So we never are free in total, we are always bound to the rich, governments, laws, religions, society is a open prison and i do not fit in. People with different opinions don’ t get to the highest podium, they are being censored, being cast out by society. Our system is based on making money, living healthy, and be loyal to your leader, religion, politics in general. Our basic is wrong, our freedom is not freedom, its hidden slavery, you must obey, you must follow, and everything you do is all about status, money, and education.

So i am waiting for this new coming ice ages (where humanity can do it different)