Everyone can be dangerous

There is no escaping the fact we all have anger in us. We all have limits and boundaries. Everyone can kill, can rape, can steal, can drive to red light and so go on. Not always are labels a good time to place them on people because most acts are not the definition of the part of the crime. Most common mistakes about for example pedophiles that they are raping children and only that is what they want to do. Most abuse of children are being by family those are really the statics round 80% of raped children is because a family member. Street rape, are not very common and that are people that can not be labeled then only psychically insane. Child porn is a other matter, people with feelings they can ‘t talk about, people having no other way to express their feelings, for most count that people with feelings for children is a growing obsession for child porn, feelings are going to be a obsession. Its difficult in a society, that don ‘t understand the matter. But enough off this.

Everyone has the potential to do wrong, its simply life. Not all people are good, and even good people can do wrong things. We are living in a very judgmental world where everyone thinks they know it all, most of them just repeat what others are saying. People that murder in name of religion, or in name of ideology, you can not stop it! There are always individuals like Breivik to do things that most people not even can think about. Anger, feelings are emotions and every emotion must be heard and not be judged before you even know what is really happening.

It inspired me

When you see military material and personal marching in some videos. it gives me something, i can ‘t explain it right. Love to see these parades. It gives a strong signal to your enemies, its in someway to show your power to this world. I am against any form of violence, but still when you read and watch the world war 2 how Hitler and Germany almost take over the world its a fascinating thing how one simple men almost take over the whole world. Its a burden in German history, but there must be some point that we need to say you have pay your debts, for the victims it will never be. We can not live in the past to long. Its time Germany build a army again we need it as Europe are flooded with Islam extremism. Immigration, thanks to, ironic enough, to Germany to let them come in mass amounts to destroy our culture and traditions across Europe. So i love to see a Europe army to march in the streets of Berlin or whatever where in Europe. We need a strong force! Not against Russia, but against Islamic terror, keep Islam out of Europe!

Communism,Capitalism,Socialism, Nationalism, Dictatorship

A perfect world will never exist, a world where everyone is happy can not exist. So what is important for us to live a happy life? What do we need to live all happy? Right now there is chaos in this world, people has made it so terrifying difficult for them self and others that we need to go to the basic. Media control, its a devastating move to control it, but look around what it creates, and what it does to people. Do you really think i want a North Korea regime? No, but if we want to get back to the basic it is needed to start over. Media is so very dangerous that it is not a surprise that there are country’s that have a controlled media. If we want control, then we need to unlearn first the things that we have learned. A strong leader, and a one basic political system is needed to control everything to learn people how to live, to survive, to help, to defend, to get your cultures and traditions back. No more immigration, no more different cultures and religions across this world and mixed up in society’s. No more king and queens, just one leader that make his country happy and healthy. I can continue my riddle, but you know my point.

Just see it like this: Back to the basic means living in a dictatorship but, different then what you hear in the news about dictatorship. No more media that tells you that a black men kills a white men or visa versa, this creates unhealthy feelings in society. Media is there to announce the weather and the traffic and things that are invented. No more creating hate against each other, no more creating a public opinion, just the responsibility to think for your self. Most morals are created by living your own life, and how to teach and love each other.

I come out of the closet!

You want probably a explanation because of my earlier post before this one. The pictures North Korea, Russia, and communism in general are my greatest wish to combine this 3 pictures in to one. My political views are a mix between Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea, a controlled media and a controlled religion are important issues for me. No system is a good system, i like the idea to isolate people and country’s that control their people trough religion. Religion has no place in the real world and again it must be banned and smashed out of people!

We need a strong force to break the Americans and their allies and Israel that illegal country has to stop to exist.

Its not Islam, its religion in total that must be banned, it causes to much wars, deaths, and for many a unhappy life.

No room for fiction in reality

Religion one of the biggest hoax this planet knows, still people, believe, kill, indoctrinate, brainwash, start wars all in name of religion. If you ask me how to get rid of it? All religions must be banned and it must stop to indoctrinated weak minds with fairy tails. No more buildings where they continue brainwashing children, no more books that try to turn fiction in to reality. Special forces must clean the world from religion, no more daily fiction in politics, schools, and all other institutions. We pick a day to celebrate that religions has ended, and we stand still about the hundreds of millions people that has being killed in name of religion. Yes its really that time to do this, because religion is not normal, religion is one of the biggest problems that exist on this earth. All problems we know are started with religion.

Its time to end it.

Do they separate Flu and Covid19?

The world is willing to give governments total control over their life’s and i am already told you that this is very dangerous. The minority can not fight the brainwashed people, we can not do anything because we are stuck between governments, and not self thinking people. The public opinion that media has created is a big wall, exactly governments wants. But the question is from me, how can they separate the Flu and Covid19? Are people with the Flu not tested positive for Covid? I am afraid there will be not a answer on this, they are playing with statistics, they are playing with numbers of Covid deaths, its insane what happening world wide. And we have groups of people that has insane conspiracy theories, that obsession with pedophilia. If you ask me, people are desperate to blame everything they can think of. And if you ask me we…

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Necrofilie (PNVD)

De term Necrofilie zal niet veel mensen aanspreken ik denk zelfs dat de term bij de meeste mensen toch een vorm van walging optreed. De PNVD de partij die niemand ziet zitten hebben dit in hun partij programma staan. Even schriftelijk toestemming vragen om het lijk even te lenen om de lusten op bot te vieren. Natuurlijk krankzinnig, en in mijn ogen te ranzig voor woorden. Dat niemand daar op zit te wachten lijkt mij duidelijk. Die andere punten die de partij aanhaalt is de seksuele vrijheden van kinderen. Mocht je al flink teleurgesteld zijn in dat eerdere punt dat ik aanhaalde zal je dat nu zeker wel zijn. Kinderporno, prostitutie, leeftijdsgrens naar een waarde dat kinderen nog niet eens kunnen communiceren in verbaal als non-verbaal. Allemaal punten die gebaseerd zijn op lust van de mensen achter deze partij. Er zijn wel belangenrijkere dingen aan de orde dan het stukje lust dat deze partij tracht te verwezenlijken. Bovendien mensen met ‘probleem’ gevoelens worden door deze partij nog verder in een hoek gedreven waardoor zij nog minder naar de hulpverlening zullen stappen. Al met al is deze partij een schade voor de mensen met serieuze problemen die zij niet willen erkennen. Het enige wat deze partij roept is dat het de nieuwe Joden zijn, dat ze worden onderdrukt. Dat laatste klopt ook wel, mensen met gevoelens voor kinderen worden onderdrukt. Te vaak en te veel gaan mensen in de fout en dat heeft invloed op de ‘hele’ groep. Ik heb zelf ook die gevoelens, maar ik accepteer niet de punten deze partij neerzet. Hulp verlening is de beste remedie ‘ik zelf heb’ ook hulpverlening en ik ben uit dat grote dikke dal geklommen, met de intentie kinderen te beschermen. Ook al zou de wet toestaan vanaf 12 jaar zou ik het persoonlijk nog steeds niet doen. Deze partij maakt het heel veel mensen moeilijk en ik ga niet langs de zij lijn staan kijken hoe mensen nog dieper in die dal verdwijnen.

Voor de mensen die het interesseert heb ik een aantal weken geleden een filmpje gemaakt met wat tekst en uitleg.

Misleading information controlled by governments

How sick it is that we are living in a world where we suppose to be free and think free. The source of our information is already corrupted and now with this ‘Covid’ and elections (US) they are going to fight misleading news and information about those things. Governments filter all information and clarifying other opinions and news sources as fake news. We stand here for a mass control, mass misleading, deny everything that harms the control information from governments. They have critics on China and other communistic country’s, what are happening here is so much worse! Its pure manipulation of the weak and not self thinking people. Scientist, doctors, people in general are being censored or deleted from social media when they give their own opinion.

Hello people when do we wake up?!

The resistance is growing!

No not me our my blog (that is not that important for me) but i see the signs that the world are going to stand up against the mass media and the rich people that wants control about everyone. We critical thinkers are being censored on multiple social media platforms. When you think you are dangerous, when you obey you are a perfect citizen. I had never the intention to be a normal citizen, there is always things to fight for or against things. My life is about activism, never have the intention to obey. The underground resistance is moving inside and outside (non-violence) things i have already told about the system, we are under pressure because of the system, we need pure socialism with strong leaders that are willing to die for there country. Make media less important, stop the fake democracy because it can not work when we allow multiple cultures religions in one country. Black and white is not a discussion, behaving and culture and religions are the discussion.

As always: We must think for our self! Don ‘t be the sheep, you can still fight for your rights! Fight for others rights!