We allow them

You give they take, you give up your freedom, they take. We are coming on the point that governments wants to steal your freedom legally! And just because we are being terrorized by the media about Covid19. And let me say this, i do not deny this virus and yes i think it can be dangerous for the older people among us. But what we see and what we hear from governments are not the same story and facts as they telling us. So its not that strange that many people after months asking question about this whole virus. And yes conspiracy theories is a normal event in situations like this. A movement against massive control is about happening just right now, doctors and scientist are being censored or deleted from social media (reports say that) any critical voice against the whole covid19 situation are being blocked or censored. Lock downs in certain country’s, and we allow them to do that because we are terrorized with fear trough media.

So the advice is more Think for yourself!