Control system based on fear

We/You have no choice to living a life in a system that has the intention to control you. Everything that has be decided is based on economic value, when you fail your choices, you are being separated from society.

When you are poor you vote for populist party’s, when you smoke, you got separated and be judged. There are tons of facts and evidence that we living in a society that want control everyone and everything. For starters we have media that write just what you want to believe, its not objective anymore, its judging certain groups in society. The media is here to inform us, not to let us read what we want to read. Its al part of a system that want to classifying everyone in this society, they do not stop, they do not think, they continue separating groups. We can not fix this anymore, because many generations are already indoctrinated and already judging before they think about it. Where do we start to take control over it, new ice age? A world war 3? that kind of things brings back humanity to it basics. We must go to the basics, we can not go further this way, we will and do destroy our self if we keep quite about it. Glad I’m not the only one that sees it.