Suicide is a right to have

2 Days ago it was suicide prevention day, another tool to mess and trying to decide about others life’s. Its terrible to see that others think they have all wisdom in there pocket to interfere with others life’s. For lot of people this world is a terrible place and suffering psychological from many things that happening in there life’s. In my opinion when you turning 18 you have the right to ask for euthanasia without to tell your life story. There is no prevention for psychological suffer, there are no answers to a better world. Its not your decision to judge others decisions. Sometimes people do not want to live anymore and we must accept that, you must accept that. Religion says its a sin, i say religion is just bullshit that we can not take serious. Take others serious if they have a wish to die. Its there right, its my right to decide that. Also people that has a terminal disease and dementia has the right to end there life’s whenever they want. I am just sick and tired that so many people thinks about what is right for others. Just think, its not your choice and right to interfere with others life’s.