Marc Dutroux: Deserve the Dead penalty

Child murderer Marc Dutroux wants to be free, psychiatrist are looking if he is changed. If you ask me, this monster has no rights to live anymore. He has murdered children in a most sadistic way. His sexual frustration has flooded other people and they are being labeled that all people with certian feelings are like Marc Dutroux. I do not agree that all people that has feelings for children want to rape them, to kill them, and whatever sick-minds want to do with children. Most people with feelings for children has no intention ever to abuse of traumatizing children. I have already written a article about the Dead penalt here on my blog. Proved murder must be punished with the dead penalty. People who abuse children has no other right then burn in jail. Its absurd that men talk about his freedom, he will never survive, and if people know where he lives, he will be dead in no time. And can you blame them? Murdering children is the lowest to the lowest you can do, and it deserve a strong punishment.

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