the unknowing person (Special post)

Back in 2012 have travel lot to Czech Republic and have met lot of people young and old, but for one young girl i have such special memories, feelings, love, a girl that did not speak my language and me not speak here language. But there was a connection she was 9 at that moment and me round 24. She was poor and has abusive parents that drinking way to much and other things that must have no place in a child’s life. She was a beautiful girl and that is exactly why I’m very concerned about her safety and future chances. 10 years later i still thinking about her i can not keep her out of my mind, and i think i will never forget the interaction i had with her. When i was there, i have helped her, play with her (like swimming and playing football) and give her something to eat. Even it is not my responsibility i hope with all my heart that she is happy and have a good life she is (for the law) an adult (20) now. And somewhere i hope i will visit it again to inform myself, because i want to know.

I will never forget you, will always be on your side even you don’t know me anymore.