World wide we have so many religions that we can not count it anymore. First of all, my view on religion is very radical, because in mine opinion all religions are men made fantasy’s and the most realistic part of religion was to be a sort of law and order. I am targeting everyone that has a religion as, victims of pure indoctrination. But i find it that when you are grown up that you must realize that religion is fiction. ‘not of that can be true’ and it can not be proven, because it don’t exist. There is no discussion about prove, but countless wars, and discrimination, and racism is all part of religion and part culture. Countless wars i already saying it makes me angry, because so many people died in name of religion. The Islam is hot-topic, but its not any different then other religions. Then we have that religion has part in politics in this world. So we mix fiction with reality, and that can not be good. This make me to the conclusion that all grown up people (that has not decided or questioned their beliefs/religion) indirect are responsible for this world right now. So we protest about everything, but the main source of evil still staying intact religion. Atheism is not a religion or a ideology, its more the term to stay close at reality, and i use this term to speak out against religion. What other atheist has done in history is not to blame on every atheist. When you believe or support religion you are in-direct responsible for all people that died and suffer in name of religion. Religion is fake, and atheism means to think in reality, live in reality and be the reality.


The 3 mass murderers

How can they live with the burden that hey have killed so many innocent people. Assad has used chemical weapons against his own citizens. He still get the support from Russia and how much i appreciate Russia i hate the fact that they support him. Israel that country that has illegally occupying land since 1948 and killed many of the owners called the Palestinians. Fiction state Israel commit many crimes and the United states keep there hands above them. Hamas is forced because of the occupation, this things happens and how much i disagree with the violence Netanyahu is responsible for so many murders. And here we have Turkey that has a very very shadow roll in ISIS and the blackmail deal with the European union. Erdogan is called the modern dictator of his country, his army killed many of kurdisch people. His army is aggressive in other country’s like Syria and Azerbaijan in the war against Armenia (which Turkey has a history with Armenia, they killed 1,5 million people many years ago (the genocide they call it) Its time to bring them to international court, or better the dead penalty for all 3.

Created Sexualization

Commercials, TV series, Movies, society in general.

Young people are always beautiful when you see them on television, most porn site’s are showing girls in a way they are underage, but in fact they are 18. The focus on porn is young as possible. Society creates Sexualization young girls must deliver a performance to look beautiful and looking like an adult. If you create beautiful people, then don’t be shocked when people fall for it. We create everything that has to do with sexuality and it might not that intention, but it is for some people difficult to deny that young girls are be looking nicer then a adult woman. 95% of men look at young girls there is no escaping from that, its is how it is. Is it wrong? For me counts that when you do not harm anyone then why does it harm? Abuse is mostly done…

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All endings have beginnings

Most parts in our life’s has situations that have a start and have a end. Its normal for humans to forget and to complete. But new objectives start with more experience, parts of life will be more complicated. With everything we hear on the radio or television our judgement are based on what they write and what you want to hear. How can we be fair and straight about things we know and be told by sources that only trying to write what you wanna read and wanna hear. We living in a complicated system where the basic line always are the same. Work, eat, sleep. Get a wife, get kids, get a house, and get richer. Our when you a outcast you are not inline with the system, so they have created several things to get and have control. Its to simple when you be aware that everything we do is because they told us to do. Yes we can write, yes we can tell, but we do not change something. Politicians are not the voice for the people, they are only doing things what you have reading and protest against. You are the public opinion, media has created you. Why can you not ask yourself this? Take a closer look on your own life, who is mostly involved on your decisions that you have made? Think think think…

The most important rule= Think for your self always and everywhere!

The occupation of Palestine MUST STOP!

Its time to write about it! For many years i am following this conflict between Israel and Palestine. Because i am a atheist i do not recognize Israel. Israel is created based on the fiction book the Bible and we know that religion is the biggest crap in the universe. Israel has stealing land and occupying a country illegally! We can not sit on the sideline without giving much support to Palestine. Its not about religion, but about occupying land. There is not much to discuss then only the disbanding of Israel and giving back the land to the original owners!

THE RESISTANCE FOR FREE THINKING: Will always support palestine not there religion. But to get back there country.

Statement (Dutch)

Mijn verleden is niet iets om trots op te zijn. Maar ik wil met dit clipje aantonen dat mensen wel degelijk kunnen veranderen. De PNVD moet weg blijven en de mensen daar achter moeten stoppen met het voor anderen nog moeilijker maken dan het al is. Massa controle door de overheid moeten we stoppen, we moeten zelf blijven nadenken. Het is belangrijk dat je niet toegeeft aan censuur maar aan de definitie van vrijheid van meningsuiting.

We allow them

You give they take, you give up your freedom, they take. We are coming on the point that governments wants to steal your freedom legally! And just because we are being terrorized by the media about Covid19. And let me say this, i do not deny this virus and yes i think it can be dangerous for the older people among us. But what we see and what we hear from governments are not the same story and facts as they telling us. So its not that strange that many people after months asking question about this whole virus. And yes conspiracy theories is a normal event in situations like this. A movement against massive control is about happening just right now, doctors and scientist are being censored or deleted from social media (reports say that) any critical voice against the whole covid19 situation are being blocked or censored. Lock downs in certain country’s, and we allow them to do that because we are terrorized with fear trough media.

So the advice is more Think for yourself!

Official statement will follow in a few days

Because i have a history with activism i am going to clear somethings out. I am a new person and think different then 15 years ago. For people that will recognize me i want to say ‘give me the second chance’ that i as a person deserve. I am not going make videos with maskers or in other disguise because that don’ t feel good to do.

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For me its important to spread a new sound against ‘the system’ in my point of view. Weekly videos with updates and heavy subjects to discuss.

Also taboo subjects and world wide problems are my intention to discuss. We can not deny that governments wants to control us, i will provide a critical sound against everything that i do not accept. You can follow me, you can hate me, you can love me, that is not important for me! I want this as a person. I never speak for others, my point of view is strictly based on the definition of freedom of speech.

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