Nobody get rich, and nobody get poor

A democratic society does not work, we need strong leaders, we need people that love and defend there country with there life. We need people that do everything for his citizens to let them live a good life with basic healthcare and basic education free to al citizens that are born in there country and where there parents are born in. Its a perfect opportunity to send young people from age 16 to 18 to get to know the army of there country. And learn basic medical education and basic survival education. Young people do not need discipline, but only structure and a good basic future ahead. You need to know where your country comes from and what the basics moral rules are. I think this is the basic of a society based on structure and future. Religion is a strictly forbidden act in a society that are based on structure. There are only 2 rules: Nobody get rich, and nobody get poor. Closed borders and avoid war always at first. The Army is not based on to get to war, but based to help and educate in and outside its borders. Closed borders for immigration, this will be not allowed only from your country to a other country, not visa versa. One media source the get you the news always with a objective point of presentation. All important decisions will be democratic that only is important when we talk about quality of life of the citizens. Murder, rape, and violence against everything that lives will always be punished in a form of a work camp 2/5/10 years no exceptions make. Murder will always be punished by the death penalty. Stealing, fraud, treason, will be always be judged by local citizens and a judge based on the country’s rules.

You know there is no perfect system, there is not a perfect ideology. This is a begin from how i want it and wish it. Its not based on ohter countries, just my pure thoughts.

Twitter Tweet: i want to forbid religion

You know, ever ideology has his dark side: Capitalism does not work. The idea in theory is acceptable, but no it separate groups and gives the rich to much power. I want to reduce media i want to reduce democracy, because its a mess! We can vote, but do it helps?

I want disband media to one objective source, i want to reduce political party’s, i want to forbid #Religion i want a socialistic system where everyone can live there life’s how they want. And want a strong army and closed borders.

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