political party for pedophiles (Upcoming)

You all know I’m a controversial person that stand up for rights for almost everyone that need justice. But children are the most important to me to protect. Do you know Nelson Maatman ? He want to rise up a political party for pedophiles well i do not judge most pedophiles because the most of them do not handle to acts and has not the intention to harm children. Well I’m massive against to rise up a political party, they create more hate for a group that has not the intention to ever touch a child, you hurt them because as we know media thinks they are al the same. I do not call myself a pedophile but a protector for all children on this planet, and what they want to do will harm children and others. Its prove that society is not ready and has not the ability to feel empathy for certain groups, the weak lose with lot of hate that will come.

Special messages:

Marthijn Uittenbogaard: Stop or use your influence to stop it, if it continues i will consider you from that time to a enemy for children. You let me no choice i have warn you so much time about it.

Nelson Maatman: Think twice who you think to gonna hurt

Ad Van Den Berg, Lesley, Norbert

Continue supporting for a lost cause will destroy your life even more then it already does.

A warning for you all, don’ t try me, eventually i will destroy you myself.

Protector of children will destroy you in multiple ways.