Dead penalty

Its a hard debate among people, are you for, or against the dead penalty. It exist not for nothing and is meant to punish people that has taken others life’s. In a modern society its inhumane to punish people with the dead penalty, still the fact is that this person has take another life. Basically you have not the right to live anymore. Others says let him rot in jail for the rest of this persons life, but it cost money, it occupy s a place in jail, it makes friends, it laughs and has no regret of his actions that has cost others life. Just want to say if you murder someone you have no right to live your life, not even behind bars, so the dead penalty is the righteous to do so. Only with 100 % evidence not less ‘the system still makes many faults’ but murder is murder you deserve dead. It only counts when you take a life.

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