The system fails

The amount of pressure children must go trough, the obsession of the capitalistic system is absurd and totally not acceptable. It can not stay the way it is now, i do not talk about climate trash talks, but the discrimination that has place in so many society’s. The obsession to live all together on one planet has already fails. There is always war in a place on earth, there is always suffer on many places on earth. We have a moral correctness that do not work with mixed up cultures and traditions. Media the big devil that plays the ball trough all holes to setup people against each other. Children must perform, they are tested at young age to see the possible future, and what is it al about? Money. Slaves? We all already are making the rich rich, making the poor poor. We have the technology to fly rockets to mars/moon but we can not wipe out hunger and violence created by war. If you ask me, religion is the number one cause that create this for centuries. Find a cure for Cancer, find solutions to make the world for children a better place. Help the people that has difficult life’s created by the system. The system separate society’s in two sort of people the rich and the poor. Its time for something else, something that we can al go with. To be fair, its already to late to change the world, its consumed by money, religion, media, just think about it.