Politic correctness

Its very difficult to describe what is happening at the moment. But that we have a major problem is just a fact. Countries that has multi culture people in it has problems with tradition and history from that country where they are in. My opinion is that media feeds them to destroy a countries cultures and traditions, and politic has no other way then agree with certain groups. Its simple we can not allow that countries are mixed up with different people with different religions and behaving. For example the islam is a terrible part of religion, and my opinion is that religion setup people against each other, so my wish is to forbid religion world wide. Black versus white, the west versus middle east, we can not accept certain behavior and traditions in our countries, it creates hate, racism, violence and a messed up media. Children that are being abused to commit to there religions, its messed up to cut boys there private parts, its sick and it do not belong in a modern civilization. And media is terrible already say here lot about that but think twice when you read media in general, they influence politic, public opinions, and setup groups against each other. Protect your culture and history, protect you country and stand up against media, because we do not hate each other, media want to hate each other.