As long it exist people are suffering and killed in name of religion. We have the Bible and the Koran, both books based on same thing placed in different context. But most they are the same what they telling. Its a simple law book that they used ages ago, and and still some of the lines are still reality for those who believe. It can not have exist on how they describe it, it is very very unlikely that ‘god’ create the whole universe and make hell for people that commit crimes or don’t believe. Scientist all round the world has a more realistic view how our universe has created and how this world has be what it is now. Still that is not why i’ m writing this, religion is one of the worlds problem that causes racism, discrimination, hate, violence, there are countless reason more what this ‘religion’ creates. Even the political systems are infected with it, many company’s are infected with it, it is much worse then real diseases. Religion is not real, it has never had place, and it is nothing more then fiction. People who still believe are in-direct responsible for all things bad that happened in name of religion. Who believe can not be taken serious about all other things that happened in a realistic life. If you want have faith then believe in yourself. Atheism means only thinking realistic deal with reality, and take a stand against religion that mess up with reality.

Dead penalty

Its a hard debate among people, are you for, or against the dead penalty. It exist not for nothing and is meant to punish people that has taken others life’s. In a modern society its inhumane to punish people with the dead penalty, still the fact is that this person has take another life. Basically you have not the right to live anymore. Others says let him rot in jail for the rest of this persons life, but it cost money, it occupy s a place in jail, it makes friends, it laughs and has no regret of his actions that has cost others life. Just want to say if you murder someone you have no right to live your life, not even behind bars, so the dead penalty is the righteous to do so. Only with 100 % evidence not less ‘the system still makes many faults’ but murder is murder you deserve dead. It only counts when you take a life.

Fixing this world is already to late

The climate has already a agenda, it do what it will we only let it process it faster. In this state the world will never survive without massive violence. The need to want everything, the need to be special, to be a dog of the rich people. We let them, the media is there source to spread lies and fund them to speak in there tone. I have not the intention to make the world a better place, it will destroy my life to fight against the elite that you all admire. Media i say it lot that media is a very very dangerous tool to control the mass and separates groups from each other. Populism, media, the rich, religion. This generation and the next generation will not fix it, a new ice age will might fix it and we all start over.

Found a pretty awesome documentary

The system fails

The amount of pressure children must go trough, the obsession of the capitalistic system is absurd and totally not acceptable. It can not stay the way it is now, i do not talk about climate trash talks, but the discrimination that has place in so many society’s. The obsession to live all together on one planet has already fails. There is always war in a place on earth, there is always suffer on many places on earth. We have a moral correctness that do not work with mixed up cultures and traditions. Media the big devil that plays the ball trough all holes to setup people against each other. Children must perform, they are tested at young age to see the possible future, and what is it al about? Money. Slaves? We all already are making the rich rich, making the poor poor. We have the technology to fly rockets to mars/moon but we can not wipe out hunger and violence created by war. If you ask me, religion is the number one cause that create this for centuries. Find a cure for Cancer, find solutions to make the world for children a better place. Help the people that has difficult life’s created by the system. The system separate society’s in two sort of people the rich and the poor. Its time for something else, something that we can al go with. To be fair, its already to late to change the world, its consumed by money, religion, media, just think about it.

Politic correctness

Its very difficult to describe what is happening at the moment. But that we have a major problem is just a fact. Countries that has multi culture people in it has problems with tradition and history from that country where they are in. My opinion is that media feeds them to destroy a countries cultures and traditions, and politic has no other way then agree with certain groups. Its simple we can not allow that countries are mixed up with different people with different religions and behaving. For example the islam is a terrible part of religion, and my opinion is that religion setup people against each other, so my wish is to forbid religion world wide. Black versus white, the west versus middle east, we can not accept certain behavior and traditions in our countries, it creates hate, racism, violence and a messed up media. Children that are being abused to commit to there religions, its messed up to cut boys there private parts, its sick and it do not belong in a modern civilization. And media is terrible already say here lot about that but think twice when you read media in general, they influence politic, public opinions, and setup groups against each other. Protect your culture and history, protect you country and stand up against media, because we do not hate each other, media want to hate each other.

Knowing the definition about we judge

Are you crazy when you think different then others? Are you lazy when you do not follow main stream media? Thinking is free and unlimited. Yes there are good and bad thoughts but that is not different then others. Everyone has bad and good thoughts, and sometimes the free open minded people say it out loud. And that fears lot of people. We living in a predicted society where everything must be the same to live a life. All others that thinking different and out of line are a danger to there predicted environment.


Definitions are being manipulated by media and social media. We judge without knowing the definition about we judge. The problem is society in general, you want to read what you looking for to read.

So: is racism per definition violent?

So: Is denying the Holocaust wrong?

So: Are pedophiles automatic child abusers?

So: Make a political view you bad or wrong?

Dutch: Jeugdzorg is niet perfect

Hi there this is written in Dutch language below you find a translation trough google translate.

Ik zelf ben om te beginnen kind aan jeugdzorg geweest 15 jaar lang heb ik 3 internaten mogen meemaken. Vanaf mijn 2e levensjaar stond ik al onder de raad van de kinderbescherming. Mijn situatie was meer psychologisch misbruik van mijn moeder, mijn vader vertrok toen ik 4 jaar oud was. Maar dit gaat over jeugdzorg en hoe het soms hedendaags wordt neergezet. Jeugdzorg is een laatste redmiddel voor elk kind dat in stevige problemen zit. Een ontvoering zoals men dat vaak beschrijft is een redmiddel dat voor het kind het beste is, en op dat moment zijn zowel ouders als kind traumatisch van elkaar gescheiden. Jeugdzorg is een orgaan dat echt niet zomaar dingen doet waardoor een kind het nog slechter krijgt dan het al had. Ik hoor verhalen over dat jeugdzorg kinderen plaatst in gesloten instellingen, dit doet jeugdzorg echt niet zomaar. En zonder machtiging en onderbouwing bij een rechter is dit niet eens toegestaan. De wet schrijft dit zo voor, als er iets gebeurt wat tegen de wet is, dan heb je alle recht om daar tegen te procederen. Maar ik kan en zal niet geloven dat jeugdzorg een kind zonder enige geldige reden een kind in een gesloten instelling plaatst. Jeugdzorg is een in mens grote organisatie waar ook wel eens wat kan misgaan, maar plaatsing van kinderen in een instelling waar het niet hoort is niet wat er gebeurt. Wel zijn er heel veel redenen waardoor jeugdzorg besluit dit wel te doen. Ter bescherming van het kind moeten soms impopulaire beslissingen genomen worden. De wachtlijsten zijn inderdaad groot. maar dan nog zal jeugdzorg nooit iemand ergens plaatsten waar het niet hoort. Ik heb mijn tijd bij jeugdzorg als goed ervaren, ik was blij dat ze er waren, en ik heb het zeker niet slecht gehad in internaten. Niet alles is daar perfect, het is anders dan opgroeien bij je ouders of een familie in het algemeen.

Jeugdzorg doet nooit zomaar dingen waardoor een kind het nog slechter krijgt, in mijn beleving kan dat niet bestaan.


Children Cancer-free Foundation

Its important to the whole world that we battle child cancer, that’s why i post this on my blog.


Every year, more than 550 children in the Netherlands develop cancer. At this moment, 75% of these children are cured, but sadly, 1 in 4 still die from the disease. Cancer is the number 1 cause of death by disease in children. We have to do better, and we can do better. Our goal is to raise the percentage of cured children to 95%.

KiKa is the only charity in the Netherlands that funds research on all forms of childhood cancer. KiKa raises funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain, more cure and a better quality of life. Furthermore, KiKa focuses on education on childhood cancer.