The world has gone crazy

In the Netherlands demonstrations about Black lives matters are allowed. Demonstrations against Covid-19 and a special law for Covid-19 are forbidden. The EU commission want that countries that has several traditions with ‘a black face’ that countries searching for a alternative. As example Saint Nicolas and black pete

People marked since last 10 years as racism, almost nobody has linked to it, till some people talk about it, how they are discriminated by it. Its a holiday for children, and special only for children, generations are grow up with this holiday. And now outsiders that come to our country are trying to destroy this culture. And you know what i most hate? In there countries gay people hang because they are gay. If you come here, then you have not a other way to accept our cultures and behavior, its also visa versa. We have political party’s that support the mass murderer Erdogan. The EU commission destroys everything we loved, Religion destroy again everything we loved, the only option now is that the EU fall apart, its a shameless institution worse then the Soviet Union.

I will come back to this, I’m not done jet.