Children the up-coming slaves of capitalism

Predict the future and whats coming up on your mind? Government controlled slaves working for the world economy to make the rich richer. Early signs of fascism today with the Corona virus is a example of how many people are afraid because of a virus and how governments can play with media and people. If you ask me all basic human rights are betrayed by those who says that human healthy and freedom are important. On top there are dangerous people at work with much influence on governments and stock markets. Children are now prepared in a over-protecting environment how to learn to listen and be controlled by authorities. Young children being tested on intelligence to predict where there future might be, and how many the cost or bring money to the state. Its sick, children in these days are in a lot of pressure to perform and brainwashed by there brainwashed parents. Children can not be children anymore, don’ t say they can, because they can not in this sick capitalistic world. We live to live, not to be slaves of the system.